Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Canadian Shiites detained at airport in Egypt then sent home.

Stupid Muslims will continue to be "stupid-ified" by their enemies!

Sitting at the Lester Pearson airport lounge waiting to go home tired and sleepy and it was snowing outside and the temperature was about -20 degree below. Made a mistake of picking up a newspaper the Toronto Star and saw the front page headline "Toronto Shiites detained in Egypt".
This was a story of 61 Canadian Shiites Muslims who had completed their 80 kms pilgrimage trek from an Iraqi town of Najat to Karbala, one of Shiites holiest cities.
Then they flew to Egypt and were detained at the Cairo airport and then deported back to Toronto.
Shiites have been making waves lately. In Malaysia a schism seems to have appeared between this Muslim sect and Sunni, another sect.
The year 2014, I predict will be the most intense year where human kind seems to be more prone to a formalised ghetto mentality, and religion will definitely plays a role for further chaos to come.
2014 will be the year where Malaysians will fully entrenched their hatred for each other and destroy the country.

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