Friday, January 31, 2014

Hang Kebun pun Hang kebun lah! .....or I will do anything to remain relevant!

The guy on the right, who resemble a certain controversial politician, told the film director, in the middle, that he wants to play the hero's role, but was told he did not have what it take nor has he the personality, but he could only a gardener and the man said, that is better than nothing. (its funnier said in Malay).

So a scene from one of my favourite P. Ramlee movies "Seniman Bujang LApuk" when a scraggly, no-personality un-hero type character who played a minor role of a manual labourer and who wanted to play the role of Hang Tuah, the iconic Malay legendary hero, in a movie but was told by the director he has "not got it" to play the part.
So the director Ahmad Nisfu said: "Mana boleh muka macam kau nak jadi Hang Tuah, jadi Hang Kebun boleh! (loosely translated: No way Jose, you have no acquired personality but are only fit to be a gardener)
The scraggly, un-hero man dejectedly said: "Hang Kebun pun Hang Kebun lah"!
Then the man also insisted on having a kris (a Malay respectful dagger) but was told he can only have a hoe as your "weapon"(in Malay hoe is a cangkul)
The the man retorted dejectedly again and said: "Cangkul pun cangkul lah! (In Malay: Oh well It's better than nothing!)

When reading this think of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's recent foray and his ambition to become a Mentri Besar, when he failed miserably to try to be the Prime Minister of this great country he, he, he! and he privately told his wife and said, and I swear: "Cangkul pun cangkul lah!" Ha ha ha!

Have a very Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians and drive carefully and protect your families from harm!


Anonymous said...

Ramai bloggers macam Hang serupa tu. Perasaan hebat lebih je.

Anonymous said...

Nice analogy. :)
But I believe, the dialogues are like so:

A.N.: Macam ni nak jadi Hang Tuah? (Said something bout his body). Aik, Hang Tuah pakai sepatu? Sudah!

S.S: Tuan, tapi org ni mmg gagah. Sekali dia makan boleh habis (some numbers) pinggan.

A.N.: Tu bukan gagah, tu gelojoh, bodoh. (Said something to the asst director).

H.K.: Tuan, kalau tak boleh jadi Hang Tuah, kasi lah saya jadi Hang Jebat.

A.N: Nak jadi Hang Jebat?! Mampus. Sekali Hang Tuag ketis, berterabur tulang rusuk semua. Sudah, pergi, malu!

*A.Nisfu walks away, enters the studio, and wave and smile to someone in there*

S.S: Encik jangan kecil hati. Tuan Director mmg angin satu badan, tapi hatinya baik.

H.K: Tuan, (said something bout wanna be Hang Kebun at least).

S.S: Haa, Hang Kebun belum ada orang. Tapi kalau nak jadi Hang Kebun, tak boleh pakai keris, mesti pakai cangkul.

H.K: Cangkul pun cangkul lah!

I didn't check out the vid prior of posting this. The last time I've watched Seniman probably mid last year. Though I did watch P Ramlee films over and over during primary school. :D

Paan M.

Anonymous said...

Bro. but wouldn't he spoil the kangkung patch also? Mana al-juburi biasa main dengan cangkul?

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, the guy even resembles Anwar Ibraheeeem! HA ha ha!

Anonymous said...

A few years before SBLapok (1961), that very same actor was in 'Musang Berjanggut' (1959).

His classic line - uttered during a choking incident - was: "Puspawangi punya pasal, KICAP PUN... KICAP LAHHHHH!!!!"


- Oolat.