Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's 2014 let us unshackled our women and set them free!

Another emanciapted women's leader.

Mervat Tallaway..ex-diplomat and a fiesty Egyptian politician.
In spite of them being more than man in our country, women are still being taboo-ed into being reminded of their inferior status and station in life.
Women in Malaysia still walk behind their male husband, this is to me not Islam but male oriented culture that disallowed women to be of equal to man.
When you have a strong minded women like Rosmah Mansor, while respecting her status as a wife and a wife of the prime minster, she is exhibiting her emancipated status to the chagrin of conservative Malay males, be they in Umno, Pas, or Pakatan.
Malaysians male are used to women like those of previous PMs of  Malaysia, to be just an adornment and ornamental beings, but Rosmah has shown that women also have the same needs, urged, ideas and the brain to do and to move stuff,
I fact it was decided that women were a lot smarter than men. The insecurity of men has come to a low point to put down women by even inventing many phrases such as "penis envy" and many more to make women more insecure.
Malaysians prefer women like Wan Azizah, the wife of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim for her "buggerer or not he is my husband" stance. Hope she can come out of her mental and physical enslavement  and be a true person and to renounce her husband gross infidelity.
Well, finally some one in this world is speaking out and she is from Egypt and her name is Mervat Tallaway,  and BTW she is a good friend of Rosmah.

"Women are “the slaves of this age,” according to an Egyptian politician who took a stand against the country’s Muslim Brotherhood to back a UN declaration on violence against women.
Mervat Tallawy, who headed the Egyptian delegation at a United Nations conference that ended late Friday, said that despite the hard-fought declaration, secured after two weeks of tense negotiations, more help must be given to women in the Middle East." Read more here:

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