Friday, January 10, 2014

Let me be honest, I never liked Marina Mahathir!

She doesn't even respect her father, the former prime minister and respected and great statesman who built modern Malaysia.  Yes he DID!
But, she came from a privileged family.  She was born with a golden spoon for her big mouth.  Unfortunately, she is, to me, does not exhibits any Malay trait that I can detect.  I have the stinking suspicion that she does not even like to be classified as a Malay as her race.
In fact I do not consider her even to be a Malay!  She is just one of those rich, yes rich, daddy's girl whose detachment and grasping of the real Malay problem is far beyond her understanding of what its like to be told by others that Malays are stupid and irrelevant.
This is what the chauvinist Chinese opposition have succeeded in generating,  a sad pathetic person like Marina Mahathir to be used in their quest to grab control the country and the resources, and downgrade the Malays, like what PAP did in Singapore.
(A sidebar: Before LKY and his PAP came to power pretty much whats happening now in Malaysiahappened in Singapore where "bleeding hearts liberal Malays" took everything, hook line and sinker of PAP spiel just because the PAP leader was wearing a songkok during campaigning to convinced the stupid Malays in Singapore then to sell their soul!!) 
Back to Marina, she is conceited, highly pedestal, royally vain, egotistical, and arrogant and her only claim to fame is by the fact that her father was the longest serving prime minister of Malaysia.
If her father was not all that and with her personality as it is today no one will give two-hoot about who she is.
I firmly believe Marina, this woman who does not understand Realpolitik of this country, suffers from an acute case of a personality bypass. It just bypassed her so she has to create many unnecessary major faux pas and stupid statements just to get attention and to compensate her flawed persona so that she will be noticed.  
Marina Mahathir, let me ask you thisSince when have we been persecuting other religions in this country?  The answer is never, in the almost 60 years of independence!
The formula to this fact is by staying true to our sacred social contract that our forefathers have agreed to abide by in order for us to live peacefully!  To prove how good the indigenous Malays were they even agreed to the granting of citizenships to millions of displaced alien Chinese after the country's  inedependence.
This is done so inspite of the fact that many of these Chinese supported the Malayan Communist party led by the notorious Chin Peng...may he not rest in peace!
Now then, we all  know it is a question of semantic, and yes we do know Allah means God, but all this while we all have categorically, psychologically and mentally agreed that Allah is for Islam and to be used by Muslims in the Peninsular.
Unless if the perpetrators have malice intended in insisting on using Allah to refer to Christian God than lets us draw the "sword and fight" if we have to, in order to punish those who do not respect the Rule of Law of the country, and to put to check those who are bent on destroying this beautiful country.
This is a great country let us follow the rules that we have all agreed since time immemorial, and I beg stupid people to shut their mouth on subject they do not fully understand, this applies to you also Marina! Read more from theunspinners here!.....

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