Saturday, January 18, 2014

Malay brains are the most easily duped and tricked!

Malays need to train and excercie their brain!  Seriously!

An old professor with a brain tumour walked into a brain surgeon office asking for a brain transplant.
"Doctor I need a new brain and not too expensive," he said.
Doctor said: "Well, basically all of the brains I have on the shelve are very expensive...Jewish, English, Chinese, Singaporean Chinese, etc... even though they are used brains."
The doctor added: "However, you can have this one cheap and unused brain."
"Why is an unused brain and still cheap?" asked the professor.
"Well if you must know it is a Malay brain...not only is it cheap and never been used and you don't have to use it just wear it. The good thing is you can not only not use this brain but you will be blissfully ignorant and not to worry about a single thing in you life except being stupid and ignorant of course, hey nothing wrong with that," said the doctor.
The professor was silent for a moment then said: "Nah, I think I will come back with enough money."
Moral of the story is Malays have never been successfully in utilising their grey matter and brain.
The point is the Malays do not even see it coming on how they are being easily duped by the chauvinist Chinese and those anti-Malay Malays opposition lies and propaganda painting their Malay leaders as a bunch of idiots!
To put it very simply the Malays have been successfully being duped into submission by the chauvinist Chinese opposition with the help of Malay traitors into perpetuating the myth that the country is better off being given to the non-Malays to rule.
The kangkung issue, I was told, was picked by the DAP red bean cybertrooper and spun successfully into attacking the prime minister and later to be picked up by many of our half-baked so-called Malay intelligentsia which include former newspapermen, and self appointed religious scholars and prominent Malay bloggers.
By being duped into believing Najib is not fit to be the PM, these so-called Malay intelligentsia have shown proof again that they have fallen victims to their own sad folly, being stupid.
I will categorise these so-called Malay intelligentsia as stupid and arrogant, or in Malay it says "bodoh sombong"
The Malays, since time immemorial have always never been able to accept the fact they are stupid, and yet too arrogant to admit so, otherwise they would not have been easily colonised.
But if they are aware of the fact and not too arrogant to admit they are indeed stupid and easily duped and willing to learn, we may still have a chance to be united and to survive as a race.
Meanwhile, please start thinking and support the Malay regime if we all want to survive as a race and a nation!

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