Thursday, January 02, 2014

Non-Muslims can do it because they believe they can?!!!

We must prevent ourselves from being a failed society!

I am sick and tired of the federal and the state government giving ultimatums to Christians not to mock Islam.  It appears they do not give two hoots about Muslims.
On the flip side, hey the non-Malays or Christians in the country can do it because they can.  They do not only perceived but convinced there is no such thing as a Malay-Muslim unity.
In other words they are so pretty convinced Malay-Muslims unity is a farce and that they are so weak and corrupt and meek that yes to their minds they can do it, that is to mick Malays and Islam.

They are already convinced the Malay-Muslim unity is a fiction other wise ultimatums upon ultimatums, requests upon requests, have been made to the non-Muslims, not to irritate Muslims, but yet they push and push and still doing it.
Oh yes, the most Muslim groups can do is lodge a police report, or demonstrate where nobody really give a damn.
Malaysians of all race creeds and colours listen to former prime minister, Tun Mahathir, who said non-Muslims should stop irritating Muslims.  I must also add that one of the downsides of the Malay race is that they are also prone to the proverbial amok syndrome.
My advise to respective  governments to catch the bull by the horns and arrest and make an example on those who break the law.
Please stop making empty threats or to cry wolf, because if you keep on doing it no body will believe you are serious.  Arrest this belligerent Father Andrew who insist on disrespecting Islam and stick to the rule of law!

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