Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to both Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah!

If this is indeed you Anwar Ibrahim than it is definitely immoral...and dont you dare wish Happy Valentine's Day to your loved ones!

Wan Azizah please ask your husband and Nurul your father whether this picture is real or not.
A series of photo grab above is purportedly that of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in a room with a Chinese prostitute.
I hope they are fake and if not he should be banished from our hearts and minds and but of course the chauvinist Chinese in Kajang will definitely vote for him because they saw a chance to rule Malaysia via this evil and immoral and an unscrupulous person who has been cheating and conning Malaysians, especially the Malays, forever.
Reject him if we still want Malaysia to be a multi-racial and to be ruled by the BN.

P.S.  As for those people living on borrowed time and critical of Najib's administration to stop making silly innuendos about equating kangkung and simpleton thus referring to the prime minister.
The truth of the matter is it is easy for people living on borrowed time, like two former newspaper editors, and a former finance minister who was in cahoot with another politician also living on borrowed time for they both sold Malaysia's land to Singapore, to criticise a working prime minister.
Lest we forget these people made it easy in their life while in power squandering the largess and they now have the audacity to take a pot shots at Najib who trying to liberalise the system and to wean Malaysians from crutches in order to face the world.
My father use to say "if you have nothing good to say about a good person or to anybody just shut your mouth".
My advise to PM's ardent critics who live on borrowed time to think before they open their gap, the last leg of your lives should be made to good use.
P.P.S. Oh yes forgot to tell you, the government have no extra  money to dish out just to sustain your lifestyle..? You all know who I am referring to!

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