Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If laws are not respected there will be chaos.....

Sentencing March 11th...I hope the government is serious about the country's laws and not to be cowed by opposition intimidation!

Laws are made for a reason.  If we do not follow traffic rules there will be accident.
If the laws are being taken lightly society will fail and disintegrate.
Once when a powerful former chief minister of a state, Harun Idris, was found guilty of corruption he was jailed.
When a cabinet minister Mokhtar Hashim was found guilty of murder her was sentenced to death but later commuted to jail sentence.  When a deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was jailed for abused of power, when the laws are very specific. And many mre examples!
Now if Karpal Singh is found guilty of sedition, for insulting a ruler, he must face the music, whether or not he is a prominent lawyer, or a member of parliament.
No outside interference will be tolerated if Karpal is sentenced to jail.
The laws is a deterrent and it is meant to be a mechanism of control so that members of a society will and cannot be allowed to go berserk thus not to threaten or tear to shred the stability of any society.
Going against the laws of the day will mean chaos and anarchy. I hope the security of the country will and shall not be compromised.  Karpal Singh may be a powerful lawyer and prominent member of a minority group, but the stress is on the word minority.
If he breaks the law he must be ready for the consequence.  People like him cannot be allowed to threaten and dictate the wishes and well being of the majority of Malaysia's law abiding citizens.
No one is above the law not even a perceived powerful lawyer!

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