Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Malaysians, grow up and move forward!

Not many Malaysians are aware or many just chose to ignore it, but Prime Minister Najib is trying to tell us that the rules of the day are not the same anymore.
He sets to empower us to think in the right direction and not to be molly coddled by the system to death with more goodies or more "affirmative actions" but to set us free for once and for all.
The era of Asia's dangerous strongman nostalgia, or if I may add, syndrome, has got to go if we want this country to positively stride farward and with pride as Malaysians.
Read the article by the Bloomberg below and try to stay focused when reading it. Maybe we can see what Najib, as a good and fair prime minister, is trying to wean us all from the crutches syndrome, the most dangerous of all social addcitions. Hope this is read with good intention for you all. No nasty comments will be entertained!


Indonesia is growing at 6 percent, has rejoined the ranks of investment-grade nations, and after decades under the corrupt and repressive Suharto, has reaffirmed its place as the world’s third-largest democracy. Yet somehow enough Indonesians remember the Suharto years fondly that his Golkar Party has hopes of regaining power in upcoming elections. Golkar isn’t alone in trying to exploit nostalgia for past strongmen (and -women). India’s Congress Party is trying to squeeze any remaining good feelings about the Nehru-Gandhi period (from 1947 to about 1989) to elevate lackluster heir apparent Rahul Gandhi. Even as China’s Xi Jinping pushes ahead with market reforms, he continues to pay homage to Communist icon Mao Zedong (1949-1976). Thais are destroying their economy rather than cut off support for tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra (2001-2006) and his sister Yingluck. Many Malaysians wax sentimental about the boom days of Mahathir Mohamad (1981-2003). Japanese are indulging Shinzo Abe’s dangerous stroll down memory lane […] The Mahathir schmaltz pervading Malaysia recalls the days when GDP there, too, soared. But the insular and jury-rigged system of affirmative action, national champions and fat subsidies over which Mahathir presided now holds the economy back. The Malaysian leader also had a tendency to embarrass his nation on the international stage with his nutty anti-Semitic tirades. Malaysians must find fresh inspiration by looking forward, not back to 1990.   Read more here...

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