Sunday, February 23, 2014

Masih tidak cukup penjelasan Zuraidah Kamaruddin!

If these depictions are true Azmin and
this Zuraidah must come out clean...

 "Semalam, Zuraida melahirkan kekecewaannya berikutan sikap sambil lewa Abdul Khalid yang  pada sidang medianya Rabu lalu hanya menjawab 'tiada komen' apabila ditanya pemberita mengenai isu penyiaran gambar lucah dan berita yang mengaitkan Timbalan Presiden PKR, Mohamed Azmin Ali bersama seorang wanita"  read more here....

This is an old report about alleged lewd pictures of PKR Wanita Chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin giving PKR V/P a bl#w job in her apartment.  What perplexing is her issue seems to have been forgotten, but it should not allowed to be forgotten.
This Zuraidah, whose parents are both Indonesians, is a politician from Ampang she appears to have a very dubious background getting richer each day as a politician, is spinning and lying again in view of the up-coming by-election.
People should and must be reminded ya!

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Anonymous said...

Today those who are dependent on Government support Putrajaya. While the rest are looking for other options. WE need national unity to get out of this cycle.