Monday, March 03, 2014

Lowering the bar to accomodate is always wrong, everytime...!

Only the true qualifier can join and we do not need to lower or relax the requirements.

Funeral procession of notable Policeman of Chinese ethnicity Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong, assassinated in Ipoh on 13 Nov 1975 on his way to lunch.  He was a blue-blooded Malaysian speak with impeccable Bahasa Melayu and when talking to him you would not realise he is Chinese-ethnic Malaysian.  He was killed while doing a splendid job to protect the country.

There's talks about relaxing the requirement to attract Chinese and Indians to join the police force.
This to me is a wrong move,
Malaysians should all go through the standard rules and requirements to join the police force, one is  proficient in the national language.
If this news is a political ploy to win Chinese support for the government I don't think this is the right way.
When a segment of out society is living in their own world with their own rules then it is not fair for others.
The Chinese in this country are getting more Chinese than being Malaysians.  Chinese-based party DAP is not helping the Chinese youth with its jingoistic stance toward anything Malay.
Key to national unity, the Education system, is a failed system in so far as uniting the people.  Unless this is rectified we cannot allow Malaysians who are not proficient in the National language to join the security forces.

IN other ridiculous news story these weeks was a statement made by an MIC cabinet minister Datuk Seri G Palanivel who suggested sewer pipe in Penang should be extended at least 2kms into the sea instead of it is today.  He said this will ensure the beach will not be polluted with e-coli contamination.
I have news for everyone, including Palanivel that we must make a conscious efforts to keep our planet, the sea included, clean and safe.
Serious effort must be made by the Penang government to spend money to create a better sewer treatment plants instead of dumping shit into the sea.
Penang must carry that tag line of the Pearl of the Orient again instead of a land fill with untreated human excrement.

P.S.  In countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand many immigrants with medical and engineering backgrounds had to drive taxi because they failed in the simple proficiency test,,,namely their inability to express or to articulate themselves in the national language of the land.

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