Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To the un-sophisticated and easily duped Malaysians!

Beware of agent provocater!

Did you know that the language sections of former Soviet KGB  have operatives that spoke and wrote good Bahasa Melayu?  That's part of their job.
Today its successor the Russian FSB also have operatives that are also well versed and conversed in Malay language.  So is the Chinese intelligence operatives they also can speak and write in Bahasa Melayu very, very well.
Back to us where we sometime got taken in by social media's unsolicited comments in Bahasa Melayu and signed by a Malay sounding names and then we get emotional.  For all we know the writers are not even Malays.
Well they may not be what they may appear to be in our minds, that they are actually Malay writers, Take the Singapore secret service for instance and they also have operatives that mastered Bahasa Melayu and can throw in comments where they can via social media, their sole purpose is to create chaos among a specific populace!
The DAP red beans army is also employing the same tactics disseminating information in Bahasa Melayu and signing off with Malay sounding names
But of course we cannot stop these anomalies from happening except the specific targeted recipients have to be more discerning, especially the Melayus.

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