Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts......!

The native North American Indians have been enslaved in their own land because they initially trusted the "white men", more so the "religious white men".
When the Puritans left England on board the ship Mayflower to escape religious persecution, and they eventually landed on the shore somewhere near what is now part of New England, probably what is now Massachusetts.
They landed on the shore suffering from scurvys and other maladies and everyonr was infested with lice. Guess what? The native Indians helped bring them to health. Later  the Puritans massacred them and burnt their villages killing women and children.  Read here...
What happens next is history as we know it now.
The first English missionaries came to Malaya and the native Malays were so impressed. Later on they found out they were colonised and treated like animals and their natural resources plundered.
I don't know what it is with the colonised natives; they were so easily taken in by white men who can dabbled in the native tongue.
The westerners who colonised know how to manipulate the natives they are about to colonise.
We must not forget one thing though, President Barack Obama may have brought up partly in Indonesia and that his late mother might have loved Batik, but he is still an American President.
He may have uttered a few words in Bahasa Melayu,  but the fact of the matter is, he is still a powerful American whose raison d'etre is to look after the interests of Americans and to buy or steal fossil fuel so that come winter everyone can be warm..
My only advise is not to be seduced by foreign leaders whose main concern and well being is not us but their own.
For example, if we agree to pen the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) I am afraid we may be signing a carte blanche for America to take advantage of our natural resources cheaply and legally.
Thus far Japan, New Zealand and Australia have mulled over the issue and they are not signing.
Again Obama may be able to speak Bahasa Malaysia but his interest is only to serve America and the Americans.


mshukri60 said...

Yeah Najib is impressed. .and mustapha mohamed is too...we never learn

IT.Scheiss said...

Agreed wholeheartedly.

I was disgusted by the front page of The Malay Mail yesterday which had the full page headline, "Welcome and Welcome 30 million times" or something like that, as if all Malaysians welcome Obama's visit.

Well at least one Malaysian doesn't - i.e. me.

Obama wasn't here for fun, but to win over countries in the region, including Malaysia to the U.S. side in its big power contest with China known as its "pivot to Asia".

Many Malaysians, including many Malaysian journalists adore Obama as the first black man to become a U.S. president.

However, like his white predecessors, Obama serves the interests of powerful sections of the U.S. capitalist class.

Even whilst a president-elect in November 2008, Obama supported the bailout of the big banks with taxpayers' money, rather than help ordinary Americans who were having their homes foreclosed by banks and financial institutions.

Obama has continued with U.S. imperialist policy, even though he has withdrawn U,S. troops from Iraq but has turned the focus of U.S. imperialism elsewhere, such as Iran and the Ukraine.

The are blacks in the U.S. who complain that Obama has done very little to help them out of poverty and discrimination.

It does not matter what colour the U.S. president is, but it's the interests which he serves which matters.

Burung Merbok said...

Harap-harap the 'gomen" , specifically Najib, is not dumb and ignorant of 'the Greek bearing gifts'.
Don't be too caught up in the euphoria of having a powerful President visiting your country.

Amin Satem said...

Obama said,'No country is going to succeed if part of its population is put on the sidelines'. He was really talking nonsense! He didn't realise that Malaysia ane US are totally two very different countries!!

Anonymous said...

Please do not throw the baby out with the bath water. He has repeated what the British told in 1955 Independence only if it includes all. You need every citizens to work as one unit to go forward. Never underestimate the value of living in peace and harmony.
The US can only come into this country if we allow them to do so.