Thursday, April 24, 2014

In conjunction with his visit.......

This picture is to remind Barack Hussein Obama where he started off in life.
In Indonesia there is a small statue of him erected in front of a school he attended when he a was a young lad.
Then I came across this huge poster of him promoting a new satay galore stall.
If I have a chance to see him I would say "apa khabar pak."
Here's to a further good bilateral relations between the two country. I hope many years from now successive American diplomats will still remember Obama visits to Malaysia.
I once told, a many previous years ago, a US information attache in KL who is a friend that there is a land scheme in Malaysia named after a first  US president who made his official visit to Malaysia.  My friend later became the US ambassador to Mongolia. He said to me:" No way man." And I said to him:"Yes way!"
He wasn't aware of such visit as he was not told,  since Malaysia was not that important enough for the US history book?  Obviously the visit by President Lyndon Baine Johnson was not etched in the memories of many Americans of our two way relationships. I hope Obama visit will not be the case.

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