Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The US and Malaysia do not deal with terrorist!

Strict training regimentation in the desert....
Being taught how to shoot with AK-47.....

US president Barack Obama was advised strongly not to deal with an opposition party and to have a meeting with its leader for having close known tie with terrorist groups. I am talking about PKR and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim( BAB)I!
Back in the mid 80s when BABI was the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, he and with more than a dozen Umno youth members including, Saifuddin Nasution, went for a special "guerrilla" training in the desert of Libya.
The training was sponsored and conducted by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLAP) under the leadership of the late George Habash.
It was not quite known then why BABI made such a trip but putting stuff together now we are seeing a pattern in his quest for leadership of the country.
"If we cannot do it peacefully, we will do it by force," said one then Umno youth member, in reference to BABI's bid to take over from Mahathir Mohammad.
Among the training offered by the PLAP in the desert of Libya was how to use automatic and semi-automatic weapons, how to make bombs, hijacking, how to poison and kill people without trace, and sabotage.
Remember in the late 80s and early 90s a sporadic fire at the Subang airport and explosion here and there, one at Dayabumi underground parking? Well, those what appear to be accidents have been  ascertained as sabotage.
Umno youth member Saifuddin was the most firebrand radical among the then Umno Youth members bent on taking over Umno by force if needed be then.
Today, it is possible that the training knowledge by the displaced Umno youth members under BABI are teaching the newer generation of our own homegrown terrorist to embark on the path of destruction via sabotage.
It is incumbent upon individual organisation such as MAS, and other government controlled agencies to weed out these "terrorist" in their midst.
Trust no one for many, yes very many of them are still loyal and willing-to-die Anwar's supporters.
No I am not being paranoid!

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