Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Your childhood determines your adult life....

These people I am sure have a very unhappy and sad childhood that determine their actions in adult lives!

They are good friends and well brought up.
It's true that your childhood will determine you adult life and action.
Looking at prime ministers Lee Hsien Loong and Najib Razak together you can tell instantly they had a good and a happy childhood.  When together they tell good stories and crack sophisticated jokes to each other and are very civilised making their parents to be proud of them.
I had a happy childhood and brought up to be a happy person, today I still have old real non-Malay friends.  Actually there were only few of us that we used to get together at Wisma Lim Foo Yong, today we are meeting at an unmarked venue to be, to quote Clement, "away from the racists."
I could almost tell many of our home grown politicians be they from the government or the opposition  parties that did not have a happy childhood that could be gauged by their antics or actions  as politicians and as a human being. A list can be drawn to take a pick from as to who are among these politicians with unhappy childhood and to be totally badly brought up.
We can start with the PKR advisor Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), a convicted sodomite.  So unhappy a childhood he had that he became a notorious serial sodomite and a deviant with a serious mental problem.
Did you know that so bad a deviant he was that it's been said even his eldest son, Ehsan, refused to have anything to do with his father and his family and he decided to live far away from his father and family....believed to be in the US.
The sad part to this whole episode of BABI bad-mouthing his own country to the whole wide world is that he allows himself to be used by the chauvinist remnants of the Bintang Tiga, the DAP.
The DAP hierarchy is also being dominated by leaders with a very sad, pathetic and an unhappy childhood.
If you put Lim Guan Eng and Najib together you can tell by their faces that Guan Eng is nothing like Lee Hsien Loong. Look at Guan Eng's father and that of ex-DAP chairman Karpal and his sons, they all have that tell tales wrinkles and expression of one who hate anything and everything that is Malay.
Already in Penang Malay areas and kampung have been decimated to be turned into an urban areas in the image of the Chinese DAP.  These people are treading on thin ice and they must be very careful in believing the peace-loving Malays will swallow everyhting thrown at them, few or some Malays may, but not all the Malays all the time.  The time will come for uncouth chauvinist DAP  members with unhappy childhood like Hannah Yeoh to give up their songkok, the proverbial sacred Malay headgear, for good.
On the same note I urged the Malays to wake up from their slumber and to be aware that one day their rights and political rug might be yanked out from underneath their false political sense of security...lulled by the chauvinist non-Malays.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!
Bark Magpie! Bark!
A lot of people (especially politicians today (left, center and right) need to be exposed for what they really are.

Kon Pun Boyong said...

I don't know whether they had a happy childhood or not. But what it matters to most Malaysians, with the exception of those who have amassed wealth through cronyism and nepotism, is that they are people with integrity.

Anonymous said...

Your reading is flawed. Malaysia is now divided along the lines of Putrajaya class and non Putrajaya class. This division does not cut along racial lines. The only way your fears can come to fruition if you yourself take things for granted in the mistaken belief that change will never come even in a 100 years.