Monday, May 19, 2014

Melayu di Teluk Intan, dan di Malaysia, akan di tipu lagi!

Whether or not she is aware the DAP is striking and one out for Umno!

Just like when PAP Lee Kuan Yew announcing a Malay candidate in Singapore!

Forget whether Dyana Sofea is mistaken for a Filipino model Luna Whatever, but the fact still remains that Malays in Teluk Intan will be duped into voting for a cute and UiTM graduated DAP Malay candidate.
They say that the Chinese so hated Umno and the Malays if the DAP put a Chimpanzee or an Orang Utan as a candidate for Teluk Intan the opposition was smug as saying "we will still win".
Here is the thing, and I have only one thing to say to my Bangsa Melayu, snapped out of your stupidity and ignorance think long term on how you will fare if the country is ruled by chauvinist Chinese.
They are catching up on us!!!

P.S. A word of advice to Umno, please stop being an elitist political party and be humble and do not neglect the young ones, for one day they grow up to become Dyana Sofea, loathing and opposing everything Umno represents!


Anonymous said...

The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP seems to resort to the use of swallows, ducks, tycoons etc as their candidates in total mockery of the Malaysian Parliamentary system. This method was used by the PAP cadres as long ago as 1957
in Malaya Hall, London against the Kesatuan Melayu UK and failed. One or two who were seduced by such ploys returned but did not make much headway in local politics of the DAP kind. What sort of leadership do we expect from such ordinary people ?

Anonymous said...

Ask makcik in wanita umno to step down.There no way younger people will rise in wanita UMNO as long as the cow could transform to buffallo.