Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No doubt, PAP's hand is now in Sarawak... and everywhere else in this region!

These guys cannot be trusted. They never have their minds set for united Malaysia.  In their minds eyes they want to go it alone with PAP as their sole sponsor and minder! The guy sitting on the right, Chin something or rather, was believed to be an active member of NKCP!
Here is what I think!
Singapore's PAP, as a mother ship, is now expanding its political tentacles within the region in preparation for the final putsch to control the surrounding region, namely West and East Malaysia.
PAP has succeeded in taking over Batam in Indonesia, Penang, Selangor and few other states in West Malaysia (directly or indirectly), now its eyes are set for rich in natural resources Sarawak and Sabah.
Decades in planning, Singapore is finally seeing fruits of its labour when, after being a surrogate mother to DAP, Penang was won by the opposition.  Sources say billions of Singapore dollars went into Selangor being wrested from the BN, during last general elections.
Now then, it doesn't take much from Singapore to convince Eleven BN component party members to leave BN and to form its own party TERAS.
I am sure TERAS is sponsored by the PAP by using billions of Singapore dollars for BN component party members to leave BN, when the ruling party is perceived at its weakest point ever.
PAP's money will soon be seeing Sabah BN faltered and falls into the opposition hands with the unconvincing loyalty shown by Sabah politicians.
What's next?
If the Malays still want to be owning their own country, as Indians owning India, and Chinese owning China, as Swedish owning Sweden, well these idiotic and most of the time weak Malay politicians from both divides, will have to stand united together.
Get rid of your amok syndrome, your insecurities as shown by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, and to all the personality-by-passed second rate politicians like Nik Aziz, Mahfuz Omar, Hadi Awang,  Aspan Alias, Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah, Mat Sabu, and many more Malay politicians from the BN or the Opposition.
These politicians constantly showing their moronic behaviour,  please accept the fact you guys need to get together or all will be lost for the Malays and their Malay-land.
Remember this:  Singapore dollars are shaping out minds of weak politicians everywhere in this region but let us Malays not fall for this!
This former Sibu SUPP head honcho sitting in the picture above is a close associate of Lee Kuan Yew, and a lot of Singapore's money is in this strictly strong anti-Umno anti-BN Foochow community of Sibu.
Many Foochow politicians and members were once active members of the North Kalimantan Communist Party (NKCP) and yet again they managed to hoodwink Umno and PBB and the whole system as being a re-rehabilitated communist and being pro-Malays and pro-Bumiputras.

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Anonymous said...

I invite all to read the following:http://www.thehearttruths.com. Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro,
Hope ok if I use link for my FB? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tulis macam Chief CIA jer.

Harus terbitkan buku segera. Gerenti laku punya.

Tak payah membawa cara politik Mamakutty tu ke Sabah Dan Sarawak, ler.

Mereka tetap Sabahan's Dan Sarawakians Didahulukan.

Untuk jualan lebih laris, dicadangkan masuk jugak elemen-elemen berikut:

Chin Peng

Mr Spock said...


But for a state with no natural resources (i.e. no Petronas), from where did Singapore get these "billions of dollars"?

With all the developments and infrastructure spending that's going on in the city-state, it's not as if they have " billions of dollars" in loose change lying around.

And are you saying that our financial authorities can't track "billions of dollars" being funneled into, as you have alleged, into Penang, Selangor, and now, Sarawak and Sabah?

Anonymous said...

A very uneducated article. The author has no clue of the politics in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Let the whole world and the great United States see our Malaysian Democracy at play in colour.
We propose the TV debate between DYANA (Western Christian mythology
Diana - the Goddess of Love ) and Dato Seri Mah to show our Malaysian Democracy in full transparency and fairness.

tebing tinggi said...

Malay, as they said are very synonym with (RASUAH) ,I believe present Malay leaders has been feeds with rasuah money (tak berkat),that why they don't have the feeling of being Malay and love their religion (Islam) anymore .
They don't care ,as long as they can accumulate their wealth .

Pasquale said...

Mr Spock, let me remind you that Switzerland is a small country in Europe with no natural resources,but yet has got trillions and trillions of Swiss Francs in its coffer.
Taiwan is also the same, it is one of the biggest exporter of furniture for a country with not more logging forest, so there...

Pasquale said...

Tebing Tinggi (whether you are Chinese RBA or not) I agree with you, the Malays have to get back to basic where Tun Razak left us....!

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, As soon as our beloved country and its Government revert back to normality or normalcy, we will shoot up like a rocket but no Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP for us. It is as simmple as this. There is no need to be like Icarus and the Sun or the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 17 Policy failures for Singapore which screwed up Singapore. See the mess Singapore has created in Thailand today by buying out Thaksin for US1.3 Billions at the turn of the century with the intention that the Isthmus of Kra Canal will never be built. See how by not constructing the Canal, the lack of benefits has hurt Singapore.s economy for the past 10 years. And now Singapore is pushing their creation of 2006, the poisoned chalice TPPA to kill us so that they may live ! Stupid.

Mr Spock said...

So,Pasquale - what is the point that you are trying to make?

Switzerland is one of the biggest private banking and wealth management centres in the world. So too is Singapore.

And so what? It's not as if these AUM belongs, in the case of Singapore, to the Singapore authorities. They belong to those who deposited these funds in Singapore.

"those" could include a fair number of Malaysians too.

It beggars belief that the owners of these funds would allow their funds to be diverted for "extra-territorial" purposes.

If you have solid proof that such things are happening, then please share them with us.

Nurul said...

I thought PAP had done a good job to make Singapore a rich,clean and great country.

What the problem with you.!

Anonymous said...

TERAS perlu menjadi komponen BN kalau tak rakyat Sarawak tak akan undi parti itu. Orang Sarawak akan undi parti komponen BN sahaja.
Apabila part ini menang banyak kerusi dan kedudukan sudah semakin kukuh di Sarawak, ia berpotensi untuk menggugat kerajaan BN di Sarawak. Parti ini akan memasang strategi seperti memberi kata dua kepada BN jika tuntutan tidak dipenuhi dan akan keluar BN untuk bergabung ddengan parti lain dan seterusnya menumbangkan BN di Sarawak.
BN perlu fikir sedalam-dalamnya sebelum menerima permohonan parti tersebut.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Just look at what the Republic of Singapore did to the Land of Smiles, our friends' Thailand with the Temasek Thaksin purchase of his business. The dysfunctional meritocrats of Singapore with the smartest fellow on top thought they were smart and bought Thaksin over to pre-empt him from building the Isthmus of Kra Canal because the brilliang Lee Kuan Yew insisted that the Canal will spell the end of Singapore as a harbour. But he forgot that a Singapore Dollar in his pocket is better than nothing. And the Canal will not be ready tomorrow but maybe over 10 years later. Now the Singaporeans with their perfect logistic centre, finance and human resources have nothing and go to waste for the sake of one brilliant person's dog in a manger attitude. In the meantime, the Russians have developed the North West Passage which will take away 30% of Singapore's business in the summer months. Man proposes. God disposes ! Stupid. Thailand and Malaysia would have gained too.

Anonymous said...

Nurul and all Bloggers, please read the following:-

1. http://www.thehearttruths.com

2. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/05/24/looking-into-singapores-reserves-part-1/-

3. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/05/25/looking-into-singapores-reserves-part-2/

The above information shows that the Singaporeans do not know how their money is used by their Government until now 2014. THE CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY BY THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT. Could be smart. Could be stupid.