Saturday, May 31, 2014

Teluk Intan: Beginning again of a multi-racial bliss!

Push comes to shove Malaysians know how to vote...
I was wrong and humbly apologise when I said DAP can put a monkey as candidate at any Chinese and Indian dominated area for any by-election it will win?! I was wrong.
When push comes to shove Malaysian-Chinese and Indian will know whom and what party to vote for.
A reminder to the BN government not to push aside Indian voters well being after Telik Intan, this specific group of our Malaysian race must be supported economically, socially and psychologically.
No more perceived disenfranchisement of any one race in the county.
I believe Prime Minister Najib Razak will do what promised,  one is to put back Malaysian-Chinese into the Cabinet -- from MCA and Gerakan.
Teluk Intan is now the beginning of a multi-racial bliss in multi-racial Malaysia let us not forget that all three major races built what the country is today.
Reject chauvinism and idolism! Embrace multi-culturalism as Malaysia has always been!


koteypanjangg said...

They(teluk intan dapigs) not to keen to votes a non asswipes, the last 'great frog escape' in perak still fresh . So sis don't need to be lovee dovee with 95% of the asswipes over the victory.
But victory is still victory, shukur alhamdullilah, but trust need to be earned.

zakzak said...

i might be wrong, but from the result which indicate several things, i just think that the chinese prefers somebody from their own kind, when push to the shove.
multiracial? yes, but i am not too sure Teluk Intan voters have the same idealism as you, my dear Tuan Blog.
Anyway, we will get one Chinese MP, hopefully for the best of Malaysia.

Labu8455 said...

You are not wrong for saying that, BN won simply because over 30% DAP supporters thought DAP still can win so they did not go to vote.