Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Like the Nazi, the chauvinist Chinese are good at distorting the truth about my beloved Malaysia!!

Stupid Malays are now bowing to minority Chinese because they are afraid of being labelled a Muslim terrorist!!!

Paul Joseph Goebbels (29 October 18971 May 1945) was Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany. He also served as Chancellor for one day, following Hitler's death. He was known for his zealous and energetic oratory and virulent anti-Semitism.

The DAP of Selangor I was told is employing the same tactic as the Nazi to tell and spread lies.  The lies spread by Hannah Yeoh is the splitting image of how Goebbels told the lies that lead to Six-Million being gassed to death...keep up with your good job Hannah you are not a nice Chinese female person.
On the same note, Selangor state government must be again rule by the Malays.
Yes it is true we the Malay-Muslims cannot even criticise Christian, as practiced by many chauvinist Chinese in this country, without being branded as anti-Chtristian...not fair and not nice.  But then if the Malays and Umno cannot get their shit together mentally and psychologically to counter to these lies before they become terminal we are to be blamed.  Below is an excerpt from Dr Chandra Muzaffar on the subject.

The views expressed, and the stances adopted, by a number of local politicians and activists in the midst of President Barack Obama’s official visit to Malaysia at the end of April raise some important questions about their understanding of the nation.

Taken as a whole, it appears that these public figures had chosen to complain to the President of the United States of America about various challenges facing Malaysia ranging from human rights and religious freedom to governance and integrity. They wanted Obama to “demonstrate concern about what is happening in Malaysia …” In their view, such concern would have been “consistent with US democratic ideals and its foreign policy of promoting freedom and justice.”

US foreign policy in reality has been more concerned about perpetuating its global hegemony than promoting democracy as borne out by its activities in a variety of nations from Chile and Nicaragua to Iran and Indonesia over the last so many decades. Any honest observer of international politics would admit this. To invite such a hegemonic power to help promote democracy in Malaysia is demeaning. It stains and sullies the dignity of our people. It denigrates and disparages our honour as a nation. Read more here....

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