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Be protective of our massive underground water reserve!

Water pumped from underground can be stored ina reservoir as being done in Israel.

This water fracking technology, to separate petroleum from shale, can also be used to suck water from one country's underground reserve to another country's reservoir!

I have posted a conclusion of this interesting article on how Israel has been controlling and stealing water from the Palestinians and from the Arab world.
The never ending war between the Arab world and Israel has never been about political or religious reasons that we were made to believe.  I initially the war was about acquiring Arab and Palestinian land.
Today the prolonged wars are about who is in control of the most important and valuable natural   resources of all:  WATER!
Israelis today controlled almost 90 percent of all rivers, lakes, and underground water supplied to the middle-eastern land.  Today, atrocities committed by the Israelis against the Arabs and the Palestinians are all about who can be in the position to control this valuable resources without which we human kind will die without it.
Take Malaysia for example, we are one of the two countries in the world with massive underground water reserve (source a book Blue Gold) that expand from Johore all the way to Terengganu.
How aware are we, Malaysians, and the government over the danger of our ground water being suck out from the ground by our neighbour?! Probably oblivious!
The technique of stealing water is so easy and made simple nowadays when American ranchers and farmers woke up one day to find they have no more ground water to use for their land and cattle.  Read read read more here!
One of best way to steal water is to use the water fracking system technology which many shale oil industry is using to extract oil.  Millions of underground water use to separate fossil fuel trapped by shale and sand.
Saddam Hussein also use a similar technique to steal petroleum from Kuwait by using vertical pumps that can drill right into neighbouring country.
Now then, here comes the humdinger of a piece of news!  Developed Singapore can steal our massive underground water reserve right from under our noses.  Or without our knowing it.
The technology, of course, came from Israel.  Israel is pumping underground water from Gaza and the West Bank and store the water in designated reservoir in Israel!.
An underground drilling can start from somewhere in Singapore and it can start sucking our water even as we speak.
In  1974 a movie Chinatown starring Jack Ncholson and Faye Dunaway was about water water between counties in California.  One county woke up up one day to find there was no water to distribute, for the water has been sucked to another county!  Read here...and here!
All I am saying is sometimes there is more to it than just a bilateral arrangements between two countries.  I am afraid of our tendency to a political infighting among us that we are just not aware our precious commodity being stolen from right under us.  I am just saying!


 Conclusion ( of  the article I mentioned above)

From the above we note that Israel is the cause of the water crisis for Palestinians in particular and for Arabs in general, a fact that the Jewish state refuses to acknowledge. Israel will continue with its plans to control more water resources, especially as it seeks to attract ever-greater numbers of Jewish immigrants.

Unfortunately, the Oslo agreement deferred negotiations of the issue of water to the anticipated ‘final status’ agreement, which was one mistake amongst many committed by the Palestinian negotiators. By agreeing to defer consideration of the most important issues until the ‘final status’ talks (including the status of Jerusalem, the return of refugees as well as the water issue), they have allowed Israel to introduce many changes and "facts on the ground" which the Palestinians will just have to accept.

The Jewish state avoids discussing the core issues such as the water problems of the Palestinians and tries to shift the focus to long-term solutions such as the search for alternative water sources, desalination plants and a reduction in the amount needed for agriculture.

It is worth remembering that unless proposals include Palestinian control over their own natural water resources, it is useless to talk about an independent Palestinian state, with real sovereignty over its air, land and sea. It is equally useless, to consider achieving genuine peace.

The United Nations should take its responsibilities seriously and oblige Israel to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian land, giving back to the Palestinians their inalienable rights, including control of its natural resources. As long as Israel is treated with kid gloves by the international community, as a state which is above the law, peace talks – proximity or direct – will continue to be diplomatic devices to give the Israelis more time to create more facts on the ground; and genuine peace and justice will remain as elusive as ever. Must read the whole article here.....

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