Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beware of Muslim youth around the world joining ISIS.........!

 Farah Mohamad Shirdon, A Canadian born teenager, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who became a member of anti-shia and anti-west ISIS fighting in the Middle East.  In a video he  burnt his Canadian passport.

Reported in Calgary, Canada, about a Muslim-Canadian youth caught in the news over joining the army Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He also vowed to destroy his own country Canada and the rest of the western more here.
Farah Mohamad Shirdon born and raised in Canada, came from a prominent political Somalian family in Calgary, Alberta, Vanada.  His father was a prime minister of Somalia until he fled to Canada.
ISIS has captured the imagination of many Muslim youths around the world, Malaysia I am sure is included, to fight to overthrow any Shia government in the war torn middle-east and to fight against perceived western imperialism.
In 1992 I was invited to witness the opening of the 337 kms highway linking Islamabad and Lahore. However, this is not about the highway, but when I stumbled upon a group of Malaysian students studying at many religious school in Pakistan who got caught with the Taliban mischief.
I met them at our Malaysian embassy and their purpose for being there at the temperature cold point in time of the year , just to have hot shower and to use the embassy facility.
They were mainly unfriendly and greeted us in Arabic and were from Kelantan.  They wore the signature Taliban headgear, wearing a robe and basically they stunk to high heaven, when I was first introduced. I just hope our government is keeping tab of these youth and their activity.
Months back I wrote about Umno Youth members under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who undertook a guerrila warfare training in the Libyan desert.  To this I will also say keep a close tab on these disgruntled and socially inept youth.

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