Thursday, June 05, 2014

Malaysia please watch out for Urban Guerrilla terrorism!

This man is far worse than the leader of  the Red Army! He will do anything to sabotage and destablise the government!

Beware of Urban Guerrillas!

Can be bought at any bookshop of the world.

"An urban guerrilla is someone who fights a government using unconventional warfare or domestic terrorism in an urban environment. During the Cold War, many were on the left-wing of the political spectrum. (source wikipedia)."

Malaysia has been in the news quite lately from rantings of the western world's darling  Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, to the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines.
I remember in the late eighties when our international airport in Subang caught fire twice, wires from an aircraft were cut then the news came out as quick before you can say shit.
Sabotage is the name of the game.  Very organised tactic that bad news will hit the streets through words of mouth before being reported by main stream media.
I believe Malaysia is under siege and urban guerrilla terrorism is being unleashed and conducted by the opposition leaders and their gang of malcontents!
Former Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said random acts of violence such as kidnapping of tourist on Malaysias resort island may  not be as random as it looks.
It was organised and conducted to smear Malaysia as an unsafe country to the world.
The disappearance of  a Briton and the death of a French tourist at Pulau Tioman can be categorised as under a not-so-random-acts of violence.  It could be planned for a price!
Since the invention of Murder Incorporated  (MI) by the Mafia in 1930 where between 400 to 1000 contract killings to place until MI was exposed, no body thought of it as no more than a gang war.
MI was a planned killing arms of the Mafia that partake in the act of extreme prejudice to anyone going against its will.
Today MI has taken a new meaning.  Legitimate undemocratic governments have their own MI arms to do all the sordid act of destabilising the opposition parties, and dissidents. The ends justify the means.
I found it strange that after an opposition leader was released from prison many weird happenings have been recorded and detected.
He almost knew when the Sabah invasion by invaders from southern Philippines going to take place.  I saw him singing mocking lyrics about Sabah going to shake before the last general elections.
The government with the help of other world intelligence agencies to record this particular opposition leader's  involvement in taking a group of now former Umno Youth members to Libya for a guerrilla warfare training by the late Dr George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinians (PFLP).
I am  sure the training is now being used to smear Malaysia via an urban guerrilla terrorism, like burning the peat field near Putrajaya so the smoke would engulfed the area making working conditions unbearable, and the Bersih rallies.  Sounds like a joke to you?  This is what urban guerrilla warfare is all about, like disrupting water supply so the people will hate the government so on and so forth.
I also find it strange that a spate of by-elections were conducted after representatives dropped dead like flies being squirted with repellent.  May be it is spurious relationships between a particular opposition leader being released and many assemblymen and member of parliament died thus forcing by-elections hoping his party would win.  So you think its a joke think again.
CIA has a handbook on how to kill someone to make it look like a natural death!  Think.
Now I am beginning to believe this opposition leader and his may have something to do with the disappearance of MH370, nothing is unthinkable.
A plane radar system can also be tampered with, with compliment of a dedicated and committed urban guerrilla member!

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