Sunday, June 08, 2014

More to it than meets the eye in Johore......!

We will be gobbled from the top and from the bottom!

New Singapore metropolis....a lot of people are helping Singapore to realise this!

Part of Singapore metropolis southward involving Indonesia land...with the help of few corrupt generals!

Its happening in Penang and Selangor already!
Whats happening in Penang and Selangor you might ask, well if your minds are that insular and simple Malay minds you will probably miss and not see it.
Let me put it very bluntly....these two states will be hard to "take" back to the fold since a lot of foreign money are in to make these two states not again to be belong to the BN, or to Umno or to the pathethic Malays.
Now to Johore!  I can bet my bottom ringgit (not much though) that what is happening in Johore vis a vis corruption, as reported, is that there is a bigger game afoot, if Umno politicians, or members of the royalty refused to see the bigger picture. That picture is SINGAPURA!!
That island republic's undeclared motto is: Corrupt them, then control!
Neighbouring Bataam, which is part of the Republic of Indonesia, is already well entrenched into Singapore's economy.  High priced property in this island is fully owned by Singaporeans, or indirectly the Singapore government.  Bataam, for all intent and purposes, is indeed part of Singapore!
The next century Singapore might want to expand westward, northward or any ward.  Why? it needs more breathing space for its population and its economy.  From afar I see that the Iskandar Malaysia Economic region is meant for rich Singaporean, and no mere Malay or Malaysian mortal will be able to afford the property there.
Simple arithmetic really for Singapore.  Just feed the greedy Malaysians with money and sex and their minds will be taken away from their feeble feeling and sense of nationalism, patriotism and that feeling of pride being a citizen of ones country.
Yes, money lots of money, and sex and that illusion of ones being important, and the next thing we know is we lost our land to others.  Or in Malay: Kampung kita tergadai! Read here...
We, bloggers and writers and journalists can write about the subject until the proverbial cows come home but alas the Malays are a peculiar species: they are weak, easily tempted, envious of other Malays, not too well educated to the fullest, love the good and easy life, but deep inside they are not capable of cherishing what values that have.
If you ask me what can be done to help, my answer would be "I am stumped for answers vis a vis my race!"  More reading here if you wish!


Anonymous said...

No foresight at all. !!

Anonymous said...

YB DatukTengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid bin Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat FOR NEW JOHORE MENTRI BESAR.STUJU?

Anonymous said...

Tukar bangsa ke Mamak ke atau Riau?

Anonymous said...

Sokong Menteri Besar ditukar segera sebelum nasi menjadi bubur.

Pasquale said...

Mentri Besar bukan nya yang memberi maasalah di Johor, raja dan kerabat raja yang bermaasalah dan yang akan menjual Tanah Melayu.

Anonymous said...

one lesson these animal should learn:

How to stop "Eating"

to differentiate then with *iG

Anonymous said...

An insidious land grab by Singapore. It is a TWO Pronged Attack - by land and the poisoned chalice TPPA which underwent 19 rounds of absolutely secret negotiations. The TPPA is a creation of Singapore in 2006 but only took off after the big crash of October 2008. Smart and cunning. These are the legacies from Lee Kuan Yew. Vide New Straits Times. Sreets Central. Page 8. March 8. 2008. All the spies from Singapore encspsulated in one page.

Anonymous said...

It seems all the CPF Trust money has disappeared as illustrated by the following :-

Wahab Udin said...

Gareth Huntley, 34, from Cricklewood in north London, went missing while on a trek to a waterfall on Tuesday 27 May.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said: "Malaysian police have confirmed that his body has been found on Tioman island in Malaysia."

Anonymous said...

Sir, And on top of all these reports, up popped a blabber mouthed Chinaman who in his exuberance of being a multi-billionaire that only a few days ago, Chinamen were labelled as stupid and ungrateful. AND WITH ALL THE RAKYAT'S MONEY WHICH SUBSIDIZED HIM, HE NOT ONLY APART FROM SERONOK, Sustralia and UK BUT ALSO DONATED BIG BIG TO KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON. He should look at the mirror every day

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, I like your blogging name. Please keep reading further between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Has this Chinaman ingrate breached the terms of his 22% guaranteed profit Agreement with the Federal Government subsidized by the Rakyat's hard work and tears ?
Has he abused and breached this Agreement by investiing all these 22% guaranteed profits subsidized by the Rakyat in struggling industries in Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom ?

Anonymous said...

For the Bloggers who do not believe that the multi billionaire ingrate praised Singapore sky high, here is the evidence :-

Anonymous said...

As The Late Karpal said, "jangan main main". Nanti orang lain menang.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, "Singapore has to remain happy and prosperous.  They have to do things right." And Singapore is obliged to do the right thing to survive. Let it be the meaning of Singapore in relation to its economic development which sort to 'end justifies the means.'

History has been counseling us. We have been given the diligence that the main cause of continuous conflicts have been matters related to land disputes. Be that being centered for merely ownership, territorial expansion and claimed for constitutional boundaries, land dispute has been the antecedent agent to world conflicts and wars as being rendered by historians.

In this new era, land and territorial disputes have never been a step to purposing for annexation. Where there be disputes, the judicial takes precedence. 

But now the state of annexation has been translated into a form of incorporation. It needs neither armament to gain territories nor a drop of blood needed. The incorporation is so subtly compromised by  artful delivery of corporate maneuvering. I therm it as the ' incorporation of daylight robbery' to gain territory by new-economic colonization in the name of overcharged economic progress to the recipient country.    

Singapore is summarized as an administrative State of financial "Fascism". Ninety percent of its corporations are State owned. It is the nature being a tiny financial nation with limited land space of sq. meters; the population of 5 millions and indentured growth to 6.9 populous, fatly rich, politically stable, 'disciplined citizens', Singapore in itself defines it. She is hungry for economic territories. Additional horizontal growth for Singapore is inevitable.

An economically sound, a tiny spaced Singapore is hunger for more dry land to accommodate her growing economy and population. It be damned for Singapore to be seen with her land-grabber policy. Nevertheless, she has been setting up a self-made new-economic colonialism away from our naked eyes. In the name of economic interdependency it is legally justified in mandated territory but morally cursed by the recipient masses. Seemingly, the authority for the economic control she held summons for over the land with tract of permanence. The dozer hinterland, Johore's awry provides mouthful for the coveters who are craving for economic power to endure. 

Singapore is in the gravy train to Johore. An economic backwash to Johore yet undesirable condition to prevail. Like many say money is the root of all evil. In this case, I reckon money talks. Johore is bashful and silent because of its dumb-mute policies hunger for money in a form of investment. I always hope the new Menteri Besar of Johor would make a different but he is not doing it or just being dumb. So let himself being bullied by the sick King!

The situation brings about the good and evil of investment thus needs for realization. “There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.”  (J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.)

Anonymous said...

I have been commenting that the Republic of Singapore for many years. The latest statistics confirm.


Malaysia is miles ahead of the failed State of Singapore.

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Sir, The failed State of the Republic of Singapore is the biggest con job in the history of the World by a guy who based all his thoughts and actions on just his Star Double First Law degree from the Universtiy of Cambridge.
At the end of the day, he leaves behind at least 18 failed Policies for Singapore. The most dire was his 2 Child Family Policy for a population of 2 millions which screwed down the 100% indigenous population in 1959 to just 60% today.

In the history of the World, we all threw away our books at the portals when we leave a university except for doctors, lawyers, etc. But this guy was so enthralled by his academic success that his mind-set never advanced beyond 1948 ! Remarkable ! But the Death of a Nation. He did too many bad things against his imagined enemies. Man proposes. God disposes.