Tuesday, June 03, 2014

This point in time how I wish Rahim King is still alive.....!

The late Rahim King:  Wonder how he would resolve many of Umno woes now!

Wonder how Rahim King would react to this racist little Indian!

I have known him almost all of my entire life. He was a brother, a comrade-in-arm, a loyal friend, and my only daughters God-father till to his last breath. (He would asked: How's Jen)
After he died he left behind a big vacuum in many people's lives though many will not admit it. He left behind a unique legacy that Umno leaders and Umno per se cannot forget or should not forget.
His real name is Rahim Dahlan otherwise known as Rahim King. This is his short story as I knew him.
He was a patriot, an unsung hero, an Umno-diehard and wss a loyal supporter of Tun Mahathir, except for a very, very minor glitch when he was tricked by another con-man of a politician, but that is another story.
He was akin to being a special envoy of the government where he will be asked to go around to unravel, untangle and to settle political problems behind the scenes.  I saw him in actions he was persuasive and convincing.  Wherever or whenever he encountered  a serious problems he would not hesitate using his famous brand of a "moral suasion".
He conducted a rugged special courses for cabinet ministers, and shouted to these leaders under his command.  He called ministers trained by him only  by their first name. Well many more instances involving ministers during the training that I cannot divulge here.
Rahim King was trained by the Australian SAS, by the US Navy Seal, by the dreaded Indonesian commando unit, he was also trained by an Indonesian elite commando unit Kostrad, did a stint at Fort Bragg in the US.
Once in Pulau Tioman I witnessed an interaction he had in a big yacht with the father of the present Sultan of Johore. after which Rahim put on his scuba gear threw it in the very choppy water and then he jumped to retrieve the floating gear put it on and dived.
I am sure if he is still alive today he would see RSN Rayer and will "talked" him into apologising for what he had said about Umno.
He once said his job is to make peace and untangled nagging problems where politicians are too meek or afraid  to solve it themselves.
He once told me he was like the US Special Envoy to the Middle East Phillip Habib who was given the carte blanche to solve any mid-east problem.
"I am like Phillip Habib I will do what ever it takes to resolve the nation problem, 99.9 percent of the time I will succeed," he once told me.
He was instrumental in organising a group of ex-commando, including the infamous ex-VAT 69 personnel to Bosnia-Herzegovina in the early 90s to help the Muslims against the Serbs and the Croats.
He was many things for the country.
The reason why I thought of him now is, apart from missing him, I was just wondering how he would solve, among other things, the issue of the badly brought up Sri Delima assemblymen Rayer who uttered the words "Umno Celaka".
Sorry bro I know you are not resting in peace now knowing how chauvinist Chinese with the help of racist Indians who are sowing many seeds of hatred throughout the country
Adios Muchachos, (his favourite farewell) to you bro.

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