Thursday, July 17, 2014

Apology or not, she must be charged!

If this is true she must face the music and throw the full book at her as a deterrent for others!

So you hurled insult, and accused someone later to find out your accusations were unfounded, or you hit someone in a fit of rage then you apologised and things are back to normal?  No, no can do! This is a trend in this country nowadays that you can get away with such craps.
The recent road rage that saw a young woman getting out of her car with a steering lock and to start hitting the other car had a video that went viral.
It was reported later she apologised!  No, no can do, a deterrent must be set by giving her a stiff sentence so others can know that no one is above the law.
In Singapore, for example, this woman would be hauled tried then sentenced immediately for the heinous act, yes a heinous act for a sane human to commit such act.
I just hope that this woman should be arrested and charged so others can learn that there is a set of laws and rules in civilised society to protect us citizen against such people. Read more here....

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