Thursday, July 17, 2014

Apology or not, she must be charged!

If this is true she must face the music and throw the full book at her as a deterrent for others!

So you hurled insult, and accused someone later to find out your accusations were unfounded, or you hit someone in a fit of rage then you apologised and things are back to normal?  No, no can do! This is a trend in this country nowadays that you can get away with such craps.
The recent road rage that saw a young woman getting out of her car with a steering lock and to start hitting the other car had a video that went viral.
It was reported later she apologised!  No, no can do, a deterrent must be set by giving her a stiff sentence so others can know that no one is above the law.
In Singapore, for example, this woman would be hauled tried then sentenced immediately for the heinous act, yes a heinous act for a sane human to commit such act.
I just hope that this woman should be arrested and charged so others can learn that there is a set of laws and rules in civilised society to protect us citizen against such people. Read more here....


Mat Bon said...

That lady needs help. Tentu Rahmat Allah menyusun si perakam berada tepat pada waktunya. The video is good for the lady herself - so that she get to reflect back what she did. The same is about the video of the uncle forgiving her. Now on she should be playing the 2 videos repeatedly. Let them be her ubat - to remind her to control anger.

Anonymous said...

Tha tis politics. Do what you like and ask for po-gip-net,as they would say in one of the ASEAN countries.

Labu8455 said...

Agreed - she must be charged and no compromise about it !

Anonymous said...

What is your problem? Puasa ke?

Issue is between man and ballistic woman. If the man don't want to press charges, habis cerita! Yang you bawak state and community into the picture buat apa? Awak punya kereta ka? Awak punya maruah ka?

If you want to bring the community into the picture, why then did no one bother to stop the woman or try to pacify her? Tegur aje, puasa, mengucap etc..
Ada orang buat gitu?

Yang orang pandai buat, hanya ambil video dan kiasu di social media.

And no, I am not siding nor condoning the woman's reaction or behavior. She is totally in the wrong and should face the consequences.

This is the Holy month! The fact that the Chinese man has decided not to press charges makes me wonder who is the one fasting here.

And the woman... Well I have nothing to say else this issue will detract into a chauvinist debate.

I can empathize with the man. His mistake that cause the unleashing of a catastrophic tantrum. But the other side being a woman, we cut them some slack as we always do.

After all, no one is hurt and the damages will be borne by insurance and/or parties who have volunteered to bear the cost.

Kudos, to those who know that these "incident" are just a localized occurrence and that the shame and embarrassment the woman brought to herself, her race and religion is in itself punishment.

Anonymous said...

Yup, she gonna have to pay for uncle's damaged car, and invite him home to a goodwill meal!

profit said...


Rabbit said...

If she's fasting, she will hold her anger. Maybe she's in a period and not fasting. Then some idiot would suggest women on period shouldn't drive...

azid barja said...

This shows the devilish side of Malay Muslim & the angelic side of Chinese. However, there are more videos showing the complete opposite!.