Monday, July 21, 2014

Somebody desperate is doing this to the country!

 a damning twit and his twitter!

To begin with I do not believe coincidences.  Things happen for a reason and they are usually planned.
By now those in charge of making this country safe from harms way have gotten the gist that Malaysia is under siege and definitely under attack!
How much longer the government has to play the nice guys role when what appears to be anarchy smack urban guerrilla warfare could have been declared on bringing down the government by a desperate person, groups, a different minority ethnic group bent on grabbing power at all cost?!
There is this Twitter account from Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim  (BABI) saying, Najib's strong support for Hamas and Palestinians is one of the factor our national carrier MH 17 was shot down.

Indeed a very serious allegations coming out from a man who is so desperate to become a prime minister who will do and say anything to bring down Najib and his government.
Now then let us turned this around.
What if BABI had planned this all along just just to pressure Najib to step down and to embarras Najib vis-a-vis the international community?  What if he had paid someone some groups some profiteers to do harm to our national carrier just  to scuttle Najib's government?
Sound far fetched but not impossible. A couple of millions USD to a willing perpetrators and the correct information, and available surface to air missiles (SAM) collateral damages can be inflicted.
First let me tell you a real story.  When I was in Bosnia during the war in early 90s I saw the carnage.
Couple of civilian planes were shot down by SAM. This can be easily achieved.
Talking to a rogue Serbian nuclear scientist then, he said he and his motley crew of mad scientists can  supply any weapon to a willing buyers, he claimed he even produced a dirty bomb made out of spent plutonium for Serb-ultra nationalist leader, Radovan Karadic
"SAM is easy we have stockpile and stockpile of them to be used and if paid by anyone," he said.
The same scientist came to Malaysia and I interviewed him again . Why he was in Malaysia in the late 90s I do  not know.  However, I do know that this man was a war profiteers that can supply any weapons to anyone with the right money.
What if BABI had paid, through his international contacts, enough money to destroy our national carriers to further advance his desperate attempt to be a prime minister. You see BABI, you are free to accuse others can also come out with their own accusations.

P.S. Bung Mokhtar's blurted idiocy about Hitler could also anger the ABITW here...on possible  Zionist connection over the MH17.

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