Thursday, August 07, 2014

A particulary yellow Lamborghini is a deadly menace to the public!

If you live in Ulu Klang/Ampang, watch out for the yellow Lamborghini... The driver is a menace on wheels. Nearly drove several of us off the road in rush hour traffic the other evening.
I do  not care if he is a member of the royalty or anyone related to politicians the police must take action or I will declare my boys in blue as inept and a bunch of cowards.  I don't think it is that difficult to track down a yellow Lamborghini in the Ulu Klang/Ampang area known for a moving violation, do it please because my wife almost got into an accident.  No separate laws are made for the elite and another for the ordinary people, the rules apply to everyone, and you have not seen me get angry yet!!!

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