Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BABI is the ultimate deadly evil personification of our modern day Si-Kitul!

To all level headed Malays stand by your ruler.

Si-Kitul selalu mencelah di mana mana aje dan suka di pergunakan......

Reject this evil carpetbagger once and for all...

"Runtuhnya Kerajaan Melayu Melaka dengan Portugis tahun 1511 sering diulang-ulang sebagai
manifestasi lemahnya Melayu dalam menangani isu dalaman dan politik. Kalahnya Kerajaan Melayu Melaka - bukan kerana ia kerajaan yang kecil, atau tanpa perlengkapan. Kalau ia kecil, mustahil ia digelar empayar kelautan yang menguasai dunia. Kalau ia kecil, tentulah ia tidak tercatat dalam mana-mana naskah sejarah silam.
Watak Si Kitul yang diungkapkan dalam Sejarah Melayu - ialah watak manusia yang pentingkan diri sendiri. Ia sanggup mengadu domba - tidak jujur - pembelit demi mencapai cita-citanya. Inilah watak Si Kitul yang dikisahkan dalam sejarah - yang sebab kejahatannya itu telah menjadi topik cerita pembunuhan empat beranak. Sebab kejahatannya juga kerajaan menjadi caca merba.
Aku tidak boleh bercerita panjang hal Si Kitul ini - anda perlu membelek buku sejarah.
Bagaimana pun - watak Si Kitul ini selalu ada. Ia ada sepanjang zaman. Watak sebenar Si Kitul dalam masyarakat silam ialah pengadu domba. Tetapi, ia juga ada di zaman moden. Ia mewakili watak manusia pentingkan diri - tamak - haloba - tidak jujur - dan paling buruk tidak pernah melihat kesan perlakuannya terhadap bangsa - menjadikan dunia hidup kita hari ini huru hara. Yang paling utama - ialah apakah yang boleh dia dapatkan." 
Baca lagi di sini....

Chauvinist Chinese DAP in Malaysia is hell-bent on taking over this country at any cost, including using unscrupulous and un-principled politician like BABI.
DAP's raison d'etre is to destroy the Umno-BN political grip of the country.
By now we are well aware that the  DAP knows how to corrupt a corruptible politician like BABI.
The once ardent anti-Chinese BABI, at least when he was in Umno holding positions, is allowing himself to be made use of so long as he could become prime minister.
Well good luck to that, his blind and madding ambition to be PM of this country will remain just a pipe dream until the day he dies.
We all know how he detest the Malay monarchy and if he had his way, had he not been sacked by Tun Mahathir, he would turned this country a republic.
We also know his grandfather was a Indian convert who married his Malay grandmother, so this pretender to the throne is not even come a long lineage of a Malay blood.
Like the traitorous SiKitul of the yore, BABI has not love for the Malays culture, tradition, norms and mores. Why? Simply because he is not a subscriber to everything that is Malay.
So I implore the Malays of Malaysia, and Selangor in particular to reject his wife a nominee for the next mentri besar because we all know that when his wife became a mentri besar  it will be BABI doing all the nasty jobs from behind.....the scene!
Melayu  please wake up!!!  Respect our sultans and kings for they are proof that this country has always been a Malays kingdom ruled by Malay rulers.

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