Saturday, August 30, 2014

For all intents and purposes this cocaine addict is an Australian!

A neuro-surgeon Dr Suresh Nair was jailed for three years in Australia over  the death of two women over there and also admitted cocaine addict and possiblyalso  a pusher. He is to be deported to a country of his "origin", Malaysia.
For all intents and purpose he lives in Australia since childhood went to school and became a doctor then he got hooked on cocaine and responsible for the death of two women.
Now then, why was he being deported back to Malaysia after growing up in Australia went to school graduated and became a neuro-surgeon?  Ah yes, he did not take up Australian citizenship, that is why.  A loop hole eh!
This is what I believe, I think Malaysia must not agree to this deal to deport this guy being to his country of "origin".
Why?  Well he could do it again here we we allowee him back.  All he had to do is to shave his face cut his hair short and with his Australian accent he can fool everyone by opening up a practice here again or deal in cocaine without being suspected.
You know how easily taken we will be ,especially the Malaysian women meeting "Mat  Salleh" with British, Australian or American accents.
No, Wisma Putra must fight hard not to accept this convicted drug users, pusher and possibly a murderer back into this country
It would be foolish for Malaysia to do so!  Read more here.....


Anonymous said...

If he is perm resident in Australia means he has Malaysian passport. In that case Malaysian govt approval is not required to send him back and it cannot be stopped as well.

Anonymous said...

To not take him away from the Australians would me a messy affair, given the fact that he is just an Aussie PR and also due to our much-improved relationship with that country now.

So, I say we be the tong sampah and just take him in. Put him under house arrest, restricted residency or something similar (I'm sure there's an Act somewhere we can make use of for this purpose)... and give him access to all the coke he can get, 24/7.

Sooner or later he'd OD on that s#it and... bye-bye.