Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Highly unlikely she was "raped"........

This is Laura Bushney taken from her instagram account. Can you trust her story?

Also it is unlikely for any airline leading pursersof any airline having the time to rape any passenger with the combination of their job description and work related stress and at 30,000 feet above sea level.  Highly unlikely.
I am tired of us Malaysia being bullied and blackmailed by international con-men and women plying their trade vis-a-vis their perception of us as being an easy target.
Recently we have been in the news internationally for a wrong reason. One national carrier disappeared into "thin air" with all passengers on board and we are still looking and searching.
The other carrier got shot down with all passengers and crew members perished  over Ukraine.
Now an Australian woman who claims to be 26 year s old, but looks way older, said she was "raped" by a leading purser of one of our Paris-bound Malaysian national  carrier.
While she could not scream out of fear when "raped" she, however managed to take video via her hand phone.  Sounds dodgy to me.
This is what most likely happened.  After our tragedy our national carrier were instructed to be extra accommodating to passengers in need of assistance.
Make sense to me. This is a simple design to ensure passengers to feel secure and safe with our airline and services.
So to make it short, this Australian woman by the name of Laura Bushney accused  Malaysia Airline's leading purser of rape.
I believe she might have faked her fear of flying and cried, she cried easily during her TV interview.  So our purser saw this and asked what seems to be the problem.  She explained.
By a standard procedure airline attendants are not allowed to sit beside any passenger, except in time of emergency, like comforting a hysterical passengers fear of flying.
Our "naive" purser being Malaysian fell for the trap and the rest is the story as we know it.
Why, if it was true,  did this woman did not scream or yelled rape when that happened and yet she managed to have a video taken via her hand phone, baffled me. Probe further and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is more to this than meets the eyes. Who knows she might be paid to besmirch Malaysia's reputation by someone or by some groups.
Australian government please check her background she might be hiding something about her real life, for a quick gain.
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Anonymous said...

Your perverse logic in defending an alledged sexual pervert just goes to show how low your ideals of justice and civility.

How about asking all those who works with him in that organization come out and tell what sort of person he is?

Because a sexual pervert would have other victims before which are not known.

It's like the cases before of priests, Ustaz, ulamas, bomohs, sinsehs sexual perverts roaming around in disguise.

Would you fly in an airline with those maniacs around if it is finally proven he is a sexual pervert?

What about those who have to work with him?

Why casts aspersions on victims when the whole case have not even gone to court?

Anonymous said...

None heard of any victim actually filming his/her moment of being rape..on a mobile phone..? One has to scroll to the phone icon to record..! What it is actually is called entrapment... exactly what Saiful had done to catch anwar in his act.


Anonymous said...

Raped in a flying plane with other passengers around?And she took a video?

What kind of total idiot would believe this shit?

Anonymous said...

Probably the whore is participating in 'Smile, ur on candid camera'. Personally, I think she's an idiot who thinks her story would sell. Well, nowadays Aussie media would sell anything including horseshit.

By the way, she's dead ugly... so attention seeking is highly highly probable..

Those nip..oops........ ewwwww, yucks

Anonymous said...

An ugly old woman whose claim to fame is to entrap an innocent working man

What a shame, she also got a business class upgrade??