Sunday, August 31, 2014

In this country you can pretty much get away with anything!

My Happy Malaysian Merdeka Image!

Including insulting the government and the monarchy. You can also condemn  any religion, waving a communist or a Zionist flags other than the Malaysian flag during Merdeka celebration. Of course you will get arrested then released.
In this country you can form your own private army or security forces and then tell the police catch me if you can.  Of course you will be arrested or 200 will be arrested after that released.
You can also accused a top cop of being a Nazi with the same personality as Nazi Heinrich Himmler and  of course the police will asked you to report yourself to a police station to substantiate your accusation.  Of course rest assured you will also be released.

What's lacking with all of the above crimes committed in this country is that the  perpetrators of these heinous and despicable acts know nothing much can happened to  most a fine and suspended sentences.
What's lacking in this country is a serious deterrent so people will have to think twice before committing or breaking the laws.

Happy Merdeka Day!


Anonymous said...

You are right Sir.The ordinary kampong folks will suffer in the end.Up until now most of them don't even know whats going on.They have very limited information other than those stories sung to their ears by their evil leaders. May Allah bless all of us

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.51 am, please do not be so smug. Only 1 % of the people know what is going on and not just the humble kampong folks.

Anonymous said...

Agreed fully with your views.I would add that offenders get released most likely on Police bail i.e. based on self guarantee to appear before the Police when required , and then their cases be forgotten.

Remember what Dr. M says 'Melayu mudah lupa'. I would add 'Malaysians mudah lupa".