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October is World Mental Health Day, let us pause for a moment!


Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints and rumination.[2] It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events, such as the feeling of imminent death.[3] Anxiety is not the same as fear, which is a response to a real or perceived immediate threat;[4] whereas anxiety is the expectation of future threat.[4] Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, and uneasiness, usually generalized and unfocused as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing.[5] It is often accompanied by muscular tension,[4] restlessness, fatigue, and problems in concentration. Anxiety can be appropriate, but when it is too much and continues too long, the individual may suffer from an anxiety disorder.[4]
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October 10th is when the world celebrate the World Mental Health Day and awareness over this unseen and sometimes misunderstood problem faced by many especially the youth.
I had suffered a similar problem when I was younger and was somewhat alone in the world when I neede help and itwas doing my high school days in Canada.
It always started with having no real money to spend around and between having to survive on a day to day basis it usually involved eating to be alive.
As a young body and a poor student I thought I could survive on anything from a candy bar or doughnut and coffee for breakfast. and hot dog and french fries for lunch and I actually have forgotten whether I had dinner at many occasion.
My one room basement room was very cold in winter and my mattress on the floor would be hard as a rock and in summer I went to sleep with just my under pant because the room would be  so hot.
This would go on for months and years. Being new in the country I did not have that many friend just acquaintances.
Even during the many winters I would work.  I would go the the Salvation Army thrift shop to buy cheap long coat and boots and shovel.  With these I would go from one house to another asking whether if they want their drive way cleared of snow.  The payment I would insist to be paid in kind.  Usually I would get both hot coffee, or soup or sandwiches and money.
Three of these families are still my friends until death do we part.  Two have died but their children and I are still in real touch.
Life was hard for me due to loneliness and being a students in this kind of existence would make one quit everything but I need an education.  So I was so dead focused on getting my high school diploma and later my degree.  But not without heavy penalty that I had to pay for with my health, to get them.
At many occasions between the school years I even contemplated ending my existence.  I could  not cope with my classes for would fall asleep by 10 am and it got so bad I had to skip many classes.
Until Professor Granzberg called me to his office and ask me if I was alright, or do I have financial problem and that he was willing to help me.  So I described my mental well being to him and he suggested that I should see his doctor friend.
So I saw Doctor Chow, a prominent Canadian-Chinese in Maniotba, and he said to come the next day at 7am on an empty stomach so he could take my blood. So I came and he took by blood from both arms many times until I completed the test at 2am.
I remember what he said: "Most general practitioners will not do this, take too much time. I normally don't do this but Gary (Granzberg) called and ask me to help you, he is a good man." I was made to go through a series  of test.  Including the Rorshack test to find out whether Iam crazy or  have a suicidal tendency.
Dr Chow even asked me whether there were any suicide in my family and trust me many many more questions.  Finally the diagnostic test came and the result was actually, to him,very simple.
I was suffering from Hypoglycemia!  My body producing too much insulin the opposite of being a diabetic, due to how I live and eat!

Dr Chow said at that point in time in the mid-70s about 80% of all suicide cases in North America were due to people not knowing they had suffered from hypoglycemia.  Low sugar level that creates havoc from within your body to a point of suicide and severe depression and anxiety.
"You are lucky to have friend like Gary (Granzberg) or you may just be one of the suicide statistic," said Dr Chow.
How to get well!?
I had to cut down on my carbohydrate and sugar and no alcohol, and sugar of any kind from any source.  No more coffee, candy bars, doughnut, french fries and that I can only eat high protein from meat, for one whole year if I want to reverse my situation.  Somebody that love me and I love her so much finance my high protein diet...well that is another story.
After one year on a strict diet I was given a clean bill of health, graduated and found a beautiful partner and I could say I live happily ever after..my hypoglycemia...even more happy when our daughter was born.

My take is, concurred by few doctors, that hypoglycemia can also lead to mental illness.  Hypoglycemia is not a disease but a syndrome. Hypoglycemia is physiological that can lead to more serious stuff but can be treated as I have experienced.
Hypoglycemia is a syndrome, or how you lead your lives or eat, it is just that you have to find you own Doctor Chow to take his time to really treat you or you will have to suffer alone.

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