Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prime Minister Najib Razak is nobody's clone!

Mahathir...cut Najib some slack okay!

Just to be fair to Prime Minister Najib Razak, Tun Mahathir Mohamad scathing criticism on Najib's  administration might have come at an awkward moments when the country is in a state of mourning over the disappearance of our national carrier with hundreds on board and the shooting down of another one also with hundreds on board perished.
It was an unfair attack on Najib especially when the country is in a spot of a bother with the Selangor state government political crisis.
For the record, while Malaysia is under an international microscope Najib while on "holidays" had to do a series of careful and private meeting with all the many actors involved in the downing of our MH17, yes from the unruly separatist, hostile and semi hostile political leaders vis-a-vis the retraction of our Malaysian remains. 
Now let us get into the right and correct perspective here in regard to Mahathir attacks and criticisms on Najib and his government.
Najib is doing well, and trying his best. The economy is proof of his policies' effectiveness, for example 6.5 percent growth in second quarter is beyond expectations, yes beyond what even Mahathir expected.
Inflation is very low, a lot of people still are making ends meet in other words unemployment is also very low. Selangor under Pakatan is in shambles in comparison - now that is bad and but instead Tun should have continue whacking Anwar for failing the Selangor people (including Mahathir himself since he is resident of The Mines in Sri Kembangan).
Under Najib (and Mahahtir), Petronas is making billions. Mahathir  is now chairman of Proton and his son Mukhriz is Menteri Besar of Kedah. 
Now consider this, under Pak Lah Mahathir had to quit Umno, Mukhriz was sidelined, and Mahahtir's people were isolated. Now Syed Mokhtar can even own his own newspaper.
On Mahathir's son Mukhriz, he is on top of Umno hierachy now and a Mentri Besar of Kedah.
Najib is no clone, just as he is not expected to fill Mahahtir's over sized shoes. What our Najib needs is space for him to continue his good work. Mahathir said he was upset about Najib's decision to get rid of the ISA. But history will prove that this  is Najib's defining move. Just as Mahathir was to release hundreds of ISA detainees when he became PM in 1981.
To place us in a correct perspective again, when Mahathir was in power for 22 years he did not tolerate dissent and criticism, he will throw you in the slammer if you misbehave.
When he was in power he ruled with iron fist, no dissent was allowed.  
The Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, and Kadazan and others feared him. Mahathir was like a spoiled child who will always get with his rantings.
Personally under his 22 years of rule I am not even sure he was even consolidating the Malays' agenda.
My observation was under his rule it was more of a self-aggrandisement.  He made enemies big time.
Unlike him, Najib as I know him, and of what many people know of his is a magnanimous and accommodating person. I have no doubt this country is safe under him, it is just that he is his own person and nobody's clone! BTW I like what Bujai wrote in Just Read here, refreshing.... !
As for Najib, just cut him some slack! 

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