Monday, August 18, 2014

This vibrant region must do away with Singapore's LKY jingoistic claptrap!

May you retire quitely old man.

The somewhat healthy cover picture is misleading, he is now more like the above picture!
LKY's minions!

LKY's precious, Golum!!!

New generation Singaporeans must not take Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) seriously nor should they read his new jingoistic book "One Man's View of the World".
His new book does not go in sync with the new spirits of the youthful Singaporeans, and those from this region, who are tired of being regimented and to be told what to do.  LKY is at best senile and at worse a remnant of the Jurassic and Stone Age thinking periods.
We do  not need him to hover over us with his belligerent and jingoistic stance about the Malays and others?
I know he will die a miserable man knowing the Malays are still running Malaysia and his "Chinese" who will be getting richer as we speak!

Yes Lee Kuan Yew is still sore for not being able to become prime minster of  where chauvinist Chinese like him rules.
His book should have been aptly titled " One Man's Blinkered View of the World".
As a Malay and a proud Malaysian I wish him not to be around anymore from this region and I would like him to be an ex-person and ceased to be chauvinist.
Lee Kuan Yew latest rambling is always Malaysia-centric.  He pokes all kind of jibes at Malaysia and the Malays, always insulting and never kind. Read here...
I have only one wish for this very nasty, and ugly Chinaman from down south that he should disappear  sooner than later and to leave this country and this region in peace.
His blinkered view has always been that his Singapore is a free state and everyone is equal, bollocks!
His blinkered view has always been that Malaysian-Chinese are badly persecuted and telling the world that Malaysian-Chinese are getting a bum deal in this country called Malaysia! Ask all the very rich Malaysian-Chinese in this country whether that is true.
Lee Kuan Yew has always harbours the wish that one day his surrogate DAP, rules by chauvinist Chinese, will take over the Malay rules and more pig sty and abattoirs can be built.
He harbours the wish that one day the Malays will disappear into oblivion and Malaysia will once again be the mighty hinterland for this Chinese ruled island republic that used to be known as Temasik and actually owned by the Johore sultanate.
I wish you will just wither away and just die and be done with it for this region.
I also wish that the Malaysian-Chinese in this country to come out and tell this nasty and ugly old man that what he said about how Chinese are being treated in this country as a pack of lies and untrue!
As for the 40 percent Malaysian immigrants he claims to be in Singapore well he can keep them for we do not need turncoats.  The 40 percent who migrated to Singapore truly wants to live under Chinese rule so be it stay there.
Enough lies Lee Kuan Yew your treatment of Singaporean is even worse, you institutionalised  discrimination to a point that the Malays there are actually living in fear like a church mouse, quiet and meek.
Compared to the chauvinist Chinese in Malaysian here they have the freedom to insult any religion, Islam especially, they can insult the government, the prime minster, the monarchy, the police and  you name them they will insult them. I only wish that you will just be gone sooner than later Lee Kuan Yew.

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