Thursday, August 14, 2014

Toxic chemical in his brain......for sure!

An aging dictator trying to be tough....Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim appears to be threatening his once-a-blue-eyed-boy AZMIN over something....maybe blaming Azmin over his inability to crush Khalid Ibrahim. Soon Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will have to a comb-over to cover the very large bald spot on his head.

Countless studies  have been conducted on hair dye, over its pros and cons.
Many hair dyeing products over the years have been known to contain toxic chemical which is hazardous to ones health.
Prolonged usages of hair dye have been known that toxic chemicals that it contains can permeates into the pores and thus over long period of using it will allow a retention of toxin into ones nervous system thus causing irreparable damage to the body and mind.
Hair loss, erratic behaviour are also some of the signs of using toxic hair dye.
Granted as we get old we lose our hair and youth a bit, that's okay a natural cycle.  So lets get old gracefully and respectfully! 


Anonymous said...


MB Kedah licin terus. Dah terlalu toksik, ke?

Anonymous said...

Actually from that angle Anwar looks like the Devil himself with the horns and that devilish beard!


Pasquale said...

Mukhriz is naturally bald he looks macho though. He is not that vain as to wear toupee, he is a natural man.

Anonymous said...

I appeal to all of you please get beyond Anwar. Otherwise we will be stuck in the grove like many Third World countries.

Mustapha Ong said...

Begitulah perangai seorang pemimpin politik yang songsang! Adakah kita mahu beliau untuk memimpin rakyat dan negara? Pernah kah Mantan PM Tun Dr Mahathir atau PM Najib begini ke lakukan mereka? Cuba fikir2kan lah saudara budiman kita yang melihat dan merenung perkara ini. Kesian siluncai yang tetap bersabar. Jika terkena pada diri saya, saya mungkin akan membalas dengan satu tumbukan kuat supaya orang ini tidak akan berani berkurang ajar kepada sesiapa pun!

Anonymous said...

Every phenomenon has an outer manifestation as well as an inner reality. Hence no two bald men are alike inside. But you can safely surmise their inner reality after several decades of their public misbehaviour.