Saturday, September 27, 2014

A scam they believe will lead them to a"political asylum"??! Yeah! right!

Alvin Tan and his girlfriendd must not and cannot be granted an asylum any where, they both must be extradited  to Malaysia to face the music.  The US government is also smart enough to see a scam when it sees one!

There was this sad story of an accidental Malaysian-Tamil political "hero".  All he wanted in his life was to migrate to England to start a new life.

He told the British immigration feller at Heathrow airport that he wanted to seek political asylum because the "dreaded" Malaysian government has committed genocide on his people!
The immigration feller poo-pooed his allegation by saying: "Mate we know Malaysia and it is nothing like what you said".
So this sad and pathetic Malaysian-Tamil was sent back to the country where he was born....Malaysia!
Since his scam did not work he tried to do other way, he formed a political party and tricked his uneducated follower to believe that his people's descendants were forced by the British to come to Malaysia as slave.  By now you have already guess whom I am talking about.
Then there is an another ugly female Malaysian-Indian activist lawyer who tried to apply for a permanent residence permit to more than two Western countries citing repression and persecution well she was turned down.
Also another Malaysian-Malay lawyer  who claimed to be a Christian and not a Muslim.  He has also been making hundreds of thousands of dollars (not ringgit ya) yes, from donations from charitable people and organisations to fight evil Umno and its Malay leaders.
Quietly he had been pursuing a green card to flee Malaysia using his political diatribe, with charges of unfairness committed by the government on those opposing the government, he was unsuccessful.
All he wanted was to take all his money to America or England which ever country accepted him.  Of course he was rejected.
NOW THEN, the scam goes on and on.  The latest is about this Chinese-Malaysian-or-Singaporean dubbed as a sex-blogger.  He insulted a community and its religion that could have created havoc or even bloodshed.
He fled the country and appears to be granted a political asylum by the United States and I hope in a spirit of a good bilateral relations, US will not grant such asylum.
For everyone can see that the scam is create situation and convincingly shows the world that you are in danger and hope that you will be granted an asylum.
Well, the government of the USA is not all that gullible.

The 26-year-old is seeking asylum in the United States but told The Malaysian Insider that his decision to flee his homeland was to escape the government's "tyranny" as well...Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Making fun of Muslim's religious practice but didn't want to own up and taking responsibility. Worst, he put the blame on Umno!

tebing tinggi said...

Why should Malaysian and Malaysian government waste time on this type of people .

Let them go if they cannot stand up for this country .

Anonymous said...

BM Please allow those who want to go to leave. They are of no use to you anyway. May be other countries may find a use for them. If you miss a turn in life it means that you have lost time which can never be regained.

Anonymous said...

"Since his scam did not work he tried to do other way, he formed a political party and tricked his uneducated follower"

FYI the idiot of a Malaysian-Tamil also fooled the learned Prime Minister who appointed the idiot as his Deputy Minister. Too many idiots everywhere.

Pasquale said...

Anonymoue a 10:06 PM,

Najib is one of the most liberal PM thus far, he wants to empower community, community leaders by giving them chances at decision making, but rules must be adhered to and in the case of a particular Tamil deputy minister he wanted to control millions at his disposal.
Some one saw another scam, this particular idiot lost his precious chances to help his particular community, he had no choice but to quit, aparently he is quite well off now.