Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I would be branded a Malay racist if I were to utter these!

 "Apalah identiti kamu sbg orang Melayu kalau kamu tak tahu adat istiadat dan asal usulnya kamu sebagai orang Melayu?Kamu boleh kata "saya Melayu progresif" ... kamu boleh kata "saya ulama" ... kamu kata kamu Melayu socialis ... kamu boleh kata kamu Melayu kominis ... Tapi jangan lupa sejarah kamu. Kamu hilang adat istiadat, kamu hilang asal usual, maka harus kamu lucutkan gelaran kamu orang Melayu, lucutkan keistimewaan Melayu." A quote by Felicia Ling, a refreshing Malaysian-Chinese lawyer.  Read more here...

 I am sure a lot of Malay politicians from Umno would have loved to say what Felicia said about Melayu.  But for being a political coward and for fear of being branded a Malay racist they just skirted around the issue.
The fact of the matter is chauvinist Malaysian-Chinese and arrogant half baked bleeding heart liberal Melayu from PKR and their leader,  a first half-a-generation Melayu of Malabari origin like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), they have no respect for the Malay system or custom.
I still remember when  BABI refused to bow down to the late Sultan of Perak Azlan Shah on stage.
He even said when he was the short-lived DPM that he will turned Malaysia a republic, and that he will not allow more "kuil Hindu" to be erected, and that "China kita boleh control".
Overheard at the corridor of the old PMO in KL: "Ooi Samy hang nak mintak kuil ke lagi, berapa banyak kuil ke..ng mau lagi".  Samy Vellu just sniggered and gave a disdained smile.
Now it takes a non-Malay to remind the stupid  Malays to get out of their slumber and to use their brains full this time.
I have no doubts in my mind that, like Felicia, there are countless non-Malays who love and will die for this country.
At the same time there are also many Malays and their leaders who will sell their soul to the D(evil)AP for lust, temptation and easy money.


Anonymous said...

More people like Felicia should come out to defend peaceful coexistence and the working system of the country!

EmpatKeturunan Malaysian-Chinese!

007 said...

Please check you fact right, Anwar is NOT a Malabari, he is of Tamil descendant

Anonymous said...

We have a long way to go. After 57 years away from the British we are still out able to put our views without body language. I want Malaysians to talk English and Bahasa Malaysia like my Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Sir, The majority of the Chinese troublemakers are from the HAINANESE CLAN ! Go check !

Anonymous said...

Sir, Did you see the ridiculous spectacle of the self-gloryfying advertisements in the pro-Singaporean Star (They do business in Singapore with the PAP media. Annual Reports)? What a waste of money spent on a bunch of ordinary people who did not make good with their lives. None of them has any substantive public record apart from the gift of the gab !

Anonymous said...

I am nobody and my name is nobody:

1) Chauvinism will never end as long as the immigrant minds worship that Penang Tokkongs.

2) Chauvinism will never end as long as the immigrant minds who thought that I never know how to wash my own underwear.

3) Chauvinism will never end if the immigrant minds who want my home to be their homes.

4) Chauvinism will never end if the immigrant minds who made claimed that my heavenly are theirs.

5) Chauvinism will never end as long as the immigrant minds want to make my tradition, culture and language as theirs.

But I don't care as long as I have my "Kalimah Shahadah" to keep me united and togetherness with the majority souls of my Muslim Umah, these Chauvinistic Pigs have to bite their own bullets.

This is my stance. If anyone who thinks that I am a racist ... that's his fucking problem!

Anonymous said...

September 06, 2014 9:56 PM:

I have a question for you..are you still a Malay though, inspite of your Kalimah Shahadah yada yada yada. Does this mean that you are a Muslim but willnot be a Malay?


Anonymous said...

Now everyone can fly. That means even if we do not like it all nations, particularly the relatively well to do will have to face up to the immigrant issue. The vary nature of immigrants, they leave their homes for a better life and are willing to work twice as hard, means that citizens by birth who have let their guards down and are living on inheritance, and do not have the same incentive as immigrants will find it difficult to compete. We have to wake up and smell the coffee otherwise we will be left behind.

Anonymous said...

Islam and Malay are inseparable as far as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu is concerned.

You want to know why? I am a Muslim/Malay by natural birth in PTM because my forefather being Malaysian not by certification as citizen as the Chauvinist Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Sir, The biggest political Chinese troublemakers are Hainanese. The biggest corporate crooks are Hainanese eg. convicted felons Tony T, Tan K. S, John S etc. Its the DNA.

Anonymous said...

We have awoken and smelled coffee long before the immigrant minds exist. We worked three times harder. Tucked in the remote village under a deemed light to excel in the unfavorable environment but we made it. We Malays have been the competitive beings ever since.

We have made this nation fundamentally and democratically sound. We take care of the sicks. We give education. We defense the nation. We bring in law and order to keep peace and harmony. We manage and implement for the economic growth and well being of the nation. We uphold the constitution. We stand by the democratic principles and humanity,  We have keep this nation together and without us this notion is no nation.

Don't tell me we have to wake up in the notion that we have no spirit of competition and love. By inheritance and its spirit of acceptance and tolerance, we have been graded as the second class citizens of Tanah Melayu, I care, no more and way brother! They can fly kites.