Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sedition Act must not be repealed.. since "freedom"has gone awry and haywire!

Cannot and shall not be repealed!

Sedition Act (1948) must not be repealed at all cost since "freedom" in this country has gone awry and haywire!
Thus led to one very ugly Indian woman whon says Malaysia has gone police state, well I beg to differ!
I say Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole need to be controlled considering they cannot seem to value empowerment granted to them by the government of the day under Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Under Najib, the perceived draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) was abolished.  Personally I would have liked it not to be abolished.
Austrlia, New Zealand the Great Britain and Singapore, almost all of British ex-colonies retianed the "draconian ISA".
We abolished it because we thought Malaysia has grown into a matured "person"
To our chagrin we found out too late that Malaysia and Malaysians are still an infantile!
Give "them" the freedom they went berserk insulting the established norms and constrains and mores of the country and the multi-racial society.
Lets go back in time a bit : When a group or individual saw the "perceived" weakening of the system or government "they" will spew their most venomous insults and rhetoric's to other races or religion.
Again when the Internal Security Act (ISA) was abolished by act of parliament Malaysians went ballistic throwing insults and creating havoc after that to a point of where our delicate moral and social fabric were torn away beyond repair.
"They" believe they can do it because the laws that prevent them from doing otherwise an unthinkable deeds are not there anymore to control them.
Well, they are wrong! When you insult the rulers, the government of the day, the religions the majority of the race you expect lash back.
Tun Mahathir in an interview even said if you are not nice to people do not expect people to be nice to you.
Those who utter stuff that can disturb the sanctity and the workability of the Malaysian values, norms and constraints and mores, well they should be made to answer for their warp sense of freedom at the expense of destroying the country.
I vote for the Sedition Act (1948) not to be repealed, just to satisfy the likes of Ambiga, chauvinist DAP, and the moronic Malays who worship a convicted rapist and cheater as their leader!
Daulat Tuanku, Hidup Melayu dan  Hidup Umno! (For Better or for Worse).


can see clearly now said...

Please bring back the ISA n keep Sedition Act intact then we will get back our NEGARA KU

Anonymous said...

What has India got to do with Malaysian politics?

Agree 100% ISA and Sedition Act be retained after Only when PR is in Putrajaya.

Then at least it is fair and square for an eye for an eye.

Anonymous said...

Can see c n, I can't even read the phrase NegaraKu. It makes me wonder whether you're talking about the country or that group of idiots who have hijacked the phrase and turn it into a nightmare.

And I agree, do not repeal the Sedition Act. Do not even try to change 1 line of it.

Anonymous said...

That depends on if you are on the right or left of the fence. Those sitting on the fence and on the right will more than agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Sir, The BN won the 12th and 13th General Elections. But it behaved as though it had lost both General Elections first by repealing the ISA and now to be followed by the Sedition Act when the rest of the World is gearing up to fight terrorism.
Instead the BN should spend quality time revising the following Acts vital for a country's well-being.

1. The Companies Act 1965. No revision since.
2. The Trustees Act 1949. No revision since.
3. The Bankruptcy Act 1967. No revision since.

It is sickening to note that instead of looking after the general instrests of the Rakyat, the Bar Council finds it more rewarding to indulge in politics of a frivolous kind which has every chance of bringing it into disrepute by neglecting the Laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

Sir, There is no doubt that the ISA be brought back to protect all of us. Of course, recalcitrant politicians are not the target of the ISA but criminals and terrorists. If we do not do so now, let hope we do not regret about this later !

Anonymous said...

The ISA and the Sedition Acts are preventive in nature. The provisions are intended to deter offenders from disturbing public peace and order.In their wisdom the USA and Great Britain retain this type of laws, in act much more draconian that the ISA.

We can exercise our rights of freedom of speech ,peaceful gathering etc as long as it does not disturb public peace.

The Government under Najib did great injustice to the nation, peace loving people, by abolishing the ISA.

Do not please do another injustice by abolishing the Sedition Act..We do not want people like Ambiga to insult our Sultan, insult the Malays etc..all seditious in nature..public peace and order is threatened..another 13 May 1969..

Anonymous said...

Akta Hasutan 1948 ialah akta yang menjadi ucapan, mempunyai kecenderungan menghasut. Dalam ertikata yang sama, Akta ini dikenakan kepada Si Dungu-Dungu yang mulut mereka berbau longkang,  berkelakuan seperti gajul dan berhasrat untuk mencerobuh suasana harmoni, perpaduan dan keamanan warga Negara.

Nampak dan jangan buat-buat tidak nampak, siapa mereka Si-Si Dungu-Dungu ini? Mereka ialah Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahaim dan Si Lee Guan Eng.