Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Since there is no death penalty for this crime...just make them pay!

Give these perpetrators the maximum as an example!

We have heard so much of corruption and wrong doings and those perpetrated these crime, we have this sneaking and sinking feeling, alway seemed to get away with just a slap on a wrist.
They can insult religion, community and tear to shreds all of what Malaysians hold dear to heart but yet again we have this sinking feeling that they will always get away with lighter sentencing.
Take the examination  papers leak, I think it is about time the authority imposed a deterrent sentences on those committing the crime that have caused major mental stress to our children who were taught to study hard and study hard they did but in the end feel betrayed by a system that was supposed to take care of them.
The re-sitting of the examination will create a lot of confusion, money lost by hotel bookings, airlines and many more business related venture involving school holidays that were unexpectedly cancelled...just because some corrupt people trying to make money out of other people's (children) misery.
We can also sent out exam papers to the moon to be printed to ensure security and that no one can leak them, but back on planet earth so long as we have corrupt people it ain't going to work.
Make an example for those involved so it will act as a deterrent for future leakers!

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