Friday, October 10, 2014

For only RM100 you can now utter profanity to our policemen!!

Our boys in blue must be protected if they were to keep the country safe...they cannot be a subject of ridicule!

A very worrying and somewhat disgusting news headline in the New Straits Times on page 22 which says "RM100 fine for rude words", about three guys who were actually rude to our boys in blue and they were later charged and fined RM100 or seven days jail if they could not pay the fine...if I read the news correctly.
Now then, where is the the deterrent factor in this case fined RM100 ringgit or jailed for days if the fine could not be paid.   I was more worried about where these three were to find RM100 or risked jail?!

The headlines should have been "RM10,000 fine for rude words" or jail one or two years.
In this case I think the law pertaining hurling profanity or insult to our policemen ought to be changed, or forever be a mockery!
Hey, try insulting policemen in New York or Moscow you will be thrown in jail without bail!

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