Saturday, October 25, 2014

United we stand, divided we fall...or loosely translated: Bersatu Kukuh Bercerai Roboh!

"United we stand, divided we fall" is a phrase that has been used in mottos, from nations and states to songs. The basic concept is that unless the people are united, they will be defeated. It is often used in the abbreviated form United we stand.....Wikipedia.

Once upon a time I was convnced that the will of the Malays, and Malayans, could and would not be broken.  All races were united.
We withstood the dreaded period of the Emergency and came out unscathed afte that dreadful Confrontation with Indonesia. Patriotic Malayan of all races defended the country, defended the King and the country as a whole.
As a nation I still remember the motto we used as a nation "Bersatu Kukoh Bercerai Roboh", ans this did not especialy meant for the Malays only.  As a nation it was un. derstood the motto was for everyone. If it werent for that motto the country would have succumed to the dark forces.
Then we achieved our independence from foreign coloniser.  Then the rest was history as we know it till now.
Unfortunately, one day we lost that unifying factor. We lost it to charlatan politicians, fake and questionable religious preachers of all denomination.
We lost it to people who have yet again with evil agenda.  And United we Stand no least to the Malays.
We lost the will to stand united because we listen to carpetbaggers, to "southern" type religious preachers while making good living, also took the opportunity to seduce many innocent damsels who were taken by their sweet words, especially by the incorrigible Muslim-preachers.

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