Friday, November 07, 2014

After RAHMAN then will come the RAZAK equation.

The Malay-Patani seer!

Last week at a very isolated village somewhere in this region I was talking to a seer, a predictor of the future, and old man respected by Buddhist and Muslim alike for his ability predicting the future. He is of a Malay-Patani race and also a very respected religious man.
He said, not to worry, after the RAHMAN theory there will be the RAZAK theory and after that, I asked, he said at the end of the RAZAK equation it will spell the end of UMNO as a political party as we know it now.
After Najib there will be another Malay prime minster with and intial R, whomever that might be.
(The man said Najib will rule (akan memerintah) for a long time.)
And the last prime minister under RAZAK equation as you can see will be a person with the initial K.
The seer said fear not the country will not be ruled other than the majority "Malay", not necessarily a Muslim-Malay group (gugusan Melayu), for a long time to come and the country will be ruled justly for everyone.
Soon, very soon (the meeting with the seer was last week), Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, he said, will no more on the political scene of Malaysia.  He will be totally humiliated and a broken man and that his wife and entire family will accept the fact that he is in fact a deviant and a very sick man in need of psychological help.
His estranged son who lives in the US will eventually forgive him for what he is.
By the way the K in the  RAZAK equation will be the prime minister at the age of 69, said the seer.
It was a very strange meeting with this seer, but he did predict that Thaksin Shinawatra, the deposed PM of Thailand would order the killing of hundreds of Muslim in Narathiwat, and that Thaksin would flee the country and that his sister would take over as the next Thai PM, six months before it happened.  So there, I am just reporting.

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