Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bullying of the government of the day must be stopped!

People like the self appointed  social activist Hishamuddin Rais and irresponsible opposition leader like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim should and must stop threatening the government of the day. read here
They have both uttered the lines tantamount to overthrowing the government that are deemed seditious.  If anyone uttered words to harm the peaceful existence of this country called Malaysia they must be dealt with judiciously. The now entrenched Sedition Act must be used against the enemy of the state, rabble rousers that can harm the country.
Make no mistake that Malaysia is a peaceful country but constantly under attacks by people who stupidly believe that can get away with it.
To Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak I will say to you take the bull by the horns and live like a warrior and be damned to those out to destroy Malaysia's multi-cultural existence.


Anonymous said...

Saturday, November 29, 2014
Hidden hands behind Malaysia racial unrests and riots
May 13 (1969). Mention May 13 and every Malaysian would know of the racial riots. According to "official" historians, it was the DAP (Democratic Action Party)'s party victory parade and racial taunts after the 1969 General Elections that triggered the unrest and the cold blooded killing of non-Malays, mainly Chinese. But we have unconfiremed reports that it was actually a plan by Tun Abdul Razak, then Deputy Prime Minister, hatched to overthrow the then Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman and install his deputy as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

But if the "senior" lawyer who had a conversation with Haris M Ibrahim (People's Parliament) while waiting for his trial for Sedition is true, then the second scenario above is the correct version (source: Judging Najib and Umno with the wisdom of Solomon)

Haris wrote: "I was joined in the court canteen by a legal practitioner who is senior in age but relatively junior at the Bar. We started to talk about the recent slew of sedition charges and what might be the motivation behind them. After I had offered my two sen on the matter, he gave his.

He told me that some 40 years ago, when Harun Idris was ordered to enter his defence in his corruption trial, Harun spilled the beans on the May 13 incident as he gave his evidence. Harun had apparently said in the witness box that, at the instigation of Tun Razak, Najib’s father, and upon the promise from the same that he would be appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Harun had orchestrated the incidents that had triggered the whole May 13 saga, with a view to toppling Tunku Abdul Rahman. The whole business of race riots, according to Harun, was stage-managed in order to seize political power."

Then of Operation Lalang in 1987: "when Dr M faced a challenge within UMNO and needed to neutralize the judiciary and the media, Lee Kim Sai and Najib obliged with racist exchanges.
The two were never dealt with. Instead, 106 voices that represented the conscience of the nation were detained under Ops Lallang, to enable Dr M to go about his dirty deeds without any resistance."

And now when UMNO/BN felt insecure, losing popular support and apprehensive about losing the 14th General Election, at the UMNO General Assembly where Najib showed clippings of the May 3 bloodshed: "Yesterday, as Najib conducted his history lesson for the Umno delegates, RTM carried in their news reports the ongoing UMNO Assembly proceedings, accompanied by the most vile of visuals intended to sow deep hatred in the hearts of Malay-Muslims towards their non-Muslim fellow citizens.

In a sense, what we, the nation, witnessed yesterday was the culmination of a relentless agenda by Umno, its cohorts inside and outside of BN, since the 13th GE, to demonise the non-Malays in the eyes of the Malays, with a view to instilling in the former a fear of the return of the ghost of May 13, 1969 to haunt the present generation."

Is Haris correct? You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

A Law enforced is indeed a Law endorsed !

Anonymous said...

It is Najib responsibility to ensure that people like Hishamuddin Rais and BABI do not threaten the government. He has the means. Unfortunately he has no balls.

IT.Scheiss said...

From a legal perspective, airing a video like that in public whilst the trial is still in progress could well be deemed sub-judice, and such action can be used by the defense in favour of their client.

Have you got the link to that video on You Tube?

I would like to watch it.

Anonymous said...

November 29, 2014 1:04 PM says "Is Haris correct? You be the judge."

Okay okay since I be the judge, I say Haris is a retard who listens to disgruntled old lawyer instead of reading up and proving what he heard is true.

He is also a frustrated old and dishevelled orang tua who should be repenting ...

There I've already judged and you are a sneaky fells who wants to instigate an anti-UMNO revolt.

hee haw

Anonymous said...

Is Haris saying that Lim Kit Siang in cohort too by instigating the urban Cinas to make the plan workable for TR and UMNO ?

Common lah don't spin the whole issue and history has proven the truth. Go read the MAGERAN report in May 13 1969.

What anon's 1.04PM is trying to spin? Where was Haris during that year and how old is he and was he already in politics then?.

Stop the lies and deceits and enough of these Yahudi Yeoh hatred strategy to fool Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Now even my friends refuse to smile when I meet them. OMG what have they done.

Anonymous said...

It was not between Lee Kim Sai and Najib but Lee Kim Sai and Anwar.
So it shows Haris is a liar.