Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maarof Zakaria was my father's childhood friend.

Maarof Zakaria was murdered for being an ardent Malay nationalist and a gentleman, he was from Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan.

When I was very young my late father told us, my brothers and sisters, a story of a relative and a prominent lawyer, a Malay patriot Maarof Zakaria who was found hanged somewhere near Gombak.
The cause of death was "suicide".
My father said he was taken one morning by two British special branch agents and three Malay policemen and later he was found dead.
"I am very sure he was murdered," said my father. Read more on Maarof Zakaria here....
For the uninitiated, and especially those bleeding heart liberal Malays, Maarof was a London-trained lawyer and later a magistrate and a banker.  He hailed from Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan.  He and my father grew up together.  In fact they were related.
A committed Malay nationalist, and for his entire life until he the day he was murdered he championed and advocated for the Malay economic freedom. He had wanted to create a Malay bank so Malays can borrow money to do business. Several attempts were made on is life.  Many attempts to shoot him also failed.  My late father said any attempt to change the economic fate of the Malays would be met with hostile prevention.
The same goes with Maarof good friend the former cabinet minister Aziz Ishak who tried to take away the fertiliser production from ICI to be under the control of the Malays. For that he was sacked from the Tunku Abdul Rahman's cabinet and later persecuted and badly treated until the day he died. A road or street should also be named after him, like Jalan Maarof.
Unfortunately, in spite of many enlightened Malay nationalist like Maarof, Pak Sako, Mustapha Hussin, the Malays then and now are still disunited and easily manipulated, to a point now that they might be losing control of their political domination. Or eventually, if they are still disunited, they may even lose the country.
DBKL should also consider naming a street after Aziz Ishak and Mustapha Hussin, two strong Malay nationalist who had lived at a wrong time and may be even a wrong place.  My condolences to Mustapha Maarof and his family.

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