Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mental illness in Malaysia is a serious problem!

Mental illness is a kind of a serious malady that is not fully recognised and acknowledged by many especially the ruling authority.
What used to be a happy community and country Malaysia is now full of people with such problems and refusing to acknowledge and seeking treatment is a more serious problem.
If we make it a point to understand what is mental illness, afflicting millions of Malaysians, we can be rest assured to be on a right path of healthy living.  Read more here to understand...
Three major races in this beautiful and safe country  are clearly on a path to destruction if they do not, or rather refuse, to acknowledge there are people suffering seriously from all kinds of mental illness.
Those suffering are greatly from the Muslim, Christian, and Hindu communities and they have to find the cure before things get out of hands.
I am writing this without malice, and I am serious about us suffering from mental illness being translated into expressions of social and religious racism.
A conciliatory and peaceful path and formula must be found quickly for us to arrest further damage being inflicted on us Malaysians via serious ailment called Mental Illness.
We must begin with politicians to show us the way, devoid of any religious or racial overtones, to do it!


Anonymous said...

Those who sikit-sikit mengamuk or believe in unfounded grandmother stories of threats here and there are definitely suffering from some form of mental illness.

Welcome to the enlightened world for those who thinkers.

Anonymous said...

During the days of Eastern European Union in an effort to place emphasis on socialism the leaders always made sure that the cars they were driving or being driven in had the indicator permanently showing that they were going Left. But when it came to governance their indicator was clearly fixed showing that they were going Right as they and the ruling class were accumulating all kinds of capitalist luxury privileges for themselves.
The moral of the story: the man on the street can never win.

Anonymous said...

only moron read your blog , I just drop by to say this . not even read anything u wrote .

Anonymous said...

Ada gambar Daim Zainuddin, Kadir Jasin, Mamak Mydin, Syed Akbar Keling, dan Keling masuk Islam kemudian nak jadi Melayu tengsh makan kat resturant di PJ this picture you should have used under your Mental Ilness posting, depa semua ni termasuk Mahathir semua ada mental illness a serious cases.

No mental hangups Melayu!