Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seriously, give him a break!

Najib and Obama sat on the same buggy for the entire 18 holes, when other world leaders can only dream

Much ado about nuthin...well  not really...flood is not trifle, but Prime Minister Najib Razak, did not leave the country to play golf in Hawaii with Obama knowing the flood is going to get worse.  No, he didn't.
He was already visiting the flood affected areas before he went on his holiday, a short holiday even a man in his position deserves.
But, when evil agen provocateur chauvinist Chinese DAP Lim Kit Siang spun the lies about Najib not caring about the country, Malaysians especially the Malays (including the eminent extra-ordinary group of 25) believe him.
DAP Lim Guan Eng was on holiday, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (using monies he squandered from the country when he was in power) with her white-gloved and fan in a hand battered and abused wife also went on holiday.
Here a piece of information.  Najib was invited by Barack Obama for a short meeting in Hawaii and later they played golf?! Nothing wrong with that. Najib, in case you morons are wondering, take his job with him even when he is on holidays.
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Anonymous said...

I dont believe anything LKS and Anwar Ibrahim say. They both have ill intent on anything Malay.

Anonymous said...

Like the battering ram at the gate the savages led by LKS and Awar Ibrahim are convinced the gate wold be brought down. But KIn g Najib who is under siege is holding on, he has a lot of amunition to defend the castle frome these marauders!
I am a half malay and I am, suporting him!

Eminent Groufp of 150

Anonymous said...

Bacalah blog blog lain. Observe and connect.