Friday, January 31, 2014

Hang Kebun pun Hang kebun lah! .....or I will do anything to remain relevant!

The guy on the right, who resemble a certain controversial politician, told the film director, in the middle, that he wants to play the hero's role, but was told he did not have what it take nor has he the personality, but he could only a gardener and the man said, that is better than nothing. (its funnier said in Malay).

So a scene from one of my favourite P. Ramlee movies "Seniman Bujang LApuk" when a scraggly, no-personality un-hero type character who played a minor role of a manual labourer and who wanted to play the role of Hang Tuah, the iconic Malay legendary hero, in a movie but was told by the director he has "not got it" to play the part.
So the director Ahmad Nisfu said: "Mana boleh muka macam kau nak jadi Hang Tuah, jadi Hang Kebun boleh! (loosely translated: No way Jose, you have no acquired personality but are only fit to be a gardener)
The scraggly, un-hero man dejectedly said: "Hang Kebun pun Hang Kebun lah"!
Then the man also insisted on having a kris (a Malay respectful dagger) but was told he can only have a hoe as your "weapon"(in Malay hoe is a cangkul)
The the man retorted dejectedly again and said: "Cangkul pun cangkul lah! (In Malay: Oh well It's better than nothing!)

When reading this think of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's recent foray and his ambition to become a Mentri Besar, when he failed miserably to try to be the Prime Minister of this great country he, he, he! and he privately told his wife and said, and I swear: "Cangkul pun cangkul lah!" Ha ha ha!

Have a very Happy Chinese New Year to all Malaysians and drive carefully and protect your families from harm!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Malay brains are the most easily duped and tricked!

Malays need to train and excercie their brain!  Seriously!

An old professor with a brain tumour walked into a brain surgeon office asking for a brain transplant.
"Doctor I need a new brain and not too expensive," he said.
Doctor said: "Well, basically all of the brains I have on the shelve are very expensive...Jewish, English, Chinese, Singaporean Chinese, etc... even though they are used brains."
The doctor added: "However, you can have this one cheap and unused brain."
"Why is an unused brain and still cheap?" asked the professor.
"Well if you must know it is a Malay brain...not only is it cheap and never been used and you don't have to use it just wear it. The good thing is you can not only not use this brain but you will be blissfully ignorant and not to worry about a single thing in you life except being stupid and ignorant of course, hey nothing wrong with that," said the doctor.
The professor was silent for a moment then said: "Nah, I think I will come back with enough money."
Moral of the story is Malays have never been successfully in utilising their grey matter and brain.
The point is the Malays do not even see it coming on how they are being easily duped by the chauvinist Chinese and those anti-Malay Malays opposition lies and propaganda painting their Malay leaders as a bunch of idiots!
To put it very simply the Malays have been successfully being duped into submission by the chauvinist Chinese opposition with the help of Malay traitors into perpetuating the myth that the country is better off being given to the non-Malays to rule.
The kangkung issue, I was told, was picked by the DAP red bean cybertrooper and spun successfully into attacking the prime minister and later to be picked up by many of our half-baked so-called Malay intelligentsia which include former newspapermen, and self appointed religious scholars and prominent Malay bloggers.
By being duped into believing Najib is not fit to be the PM, these so-called Malay intelligentsia have shown proof again that they have fallen victims to their own sad folly, being stupid.
I will categorise these so-called Malay intelligentsia as stupid and arrogant, or in Malay it says "bodoh sombong"
The Malays, since time immemorial have always never been able to accept the fact they are stupid, and yet too arrogant to admit so, otherwise they would not have been easily colonised.
But if they are aware of the fact and not too arrogant to admit they are indeed stupid and easily duped and willing to learn, we may still have a chance to be united and to survive as a race.
Meanwhile, please start thinking and support the Malay regime if we all want to survive as a race and a nation!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Let me be honest, I never liked Marina Mahathir!

She doesn't even respect her father, the former prime minister and respected and great statesman who built modern Malaysia.  Yes he DID!
But, she came from a privileged family.  She was born with a golden spoon for her big mouth.  Unfortunately, she is, to me, does not exhibits any Malay trait that I can detect.  I have the stinking suspicion that she does not even like to be classified as a Malay as her race.
In fact I do not consider her even to be a Malay!  She is just one of those rich, yes rich, daddy's girl whose detachment and grasping of the real Malay problem is far beyond her understanding of what its like to be told by others that Malays are stupid and irrelevant.
This is what the chauvinist Chinese opposition have succeeded in generating,  a sad pathetic person like Marina Mahathir to be used in their quest to grab control the country and the resources, and downgrade the Malays, like what PAP did in Singapore.
(A sidebar: Before LKY and his PAP came to power pretty much whats happening now in Malaysiahappened in Singapore where "bleeding hearts liberal Malays" took everything, hook line and sinker of PAP spiel just because the PAP leader was wearing a songkok during campaigning to convinced the stupid Malays in Singapore then to sell their soul!!) 
Back to Marina, she is conceited, highly pedestal, royally vain, egotistical, and arrogant and her only claim to fame is by the fact that her father was the longest serving prime minister of Malaysia.
If her father was not all that and with her personality as it is today no one will give two-hoot about who she is.
I firmly believe Marina, this woman who does not understand Realpolitik of this country, suffers from an acute case of a personality bypass. It just bypassed her so she has to create many unnecessary major faux pas and stupid statements just to get attention and to compensate her flawed persona so that she will be noticed.  
Marina Mahathir, let me ask you thisSince when have we been persecuting other religions in this country?  The answer is never, in the almost 60 years of independence!
The formula to this fact is by staying true to our sacred social contract that our forefathers have agreed to abide by in order for us to live peacefully!  To prove how good the indigenous Malays were they even agreed to the granting of citizenships to millions of displaced alien Chinese after the country's  inedependence.
This is done so inspite of the fact that many of these Chinese supported the Malayan Communist party led by the notorious Chin Peng...may he not rest in peace!
Now then, we all  know it is a question of semantic, and yes we do know Allah means God, but all this while we all have categorically, psychologically and mentally agreed that Allah is for Islam and to be used by Muslims in the Peninsular.
Unless if the perpetrators have malice intended in insisting on using Allah to refer to Christian God than lets us draw the "sword and fight" if we have to, in order to punish those who do not respect the Rule of Law of the country, and to put to check those who are bent on destroying this beautiful country.
This is a great country let us follow the rules that we have all agreed since time immemorial, and I beg stupid people to shut their mouth on subject they do not fully understand, this applies to you also Marina! Read more from theunspinners here!.....

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Canadian Shiites detained at airport in Egypt then sent home.

Stupid Muslims will continue to be "stupid-ified" by their enemies!

Sitting at the Lester Pearson airport lounge waiting to go home tired and sleepy and it was snowing outside and the temperature was about -20 degree below. Made a mistake of picking up a newspaper the Toronto Star and saw the front page headline "Toronto Shiites detained in Egypt".
This was a story of 61 Canadian Shiites Muslims who had completed their 80 kms pilgrimage trek from an Iraqi town of Najat to Karbala, one of Shiites holiest cities.
Then they flew to Egypt and were detained at the Cairo airport and then deported back to Toronto.
Shiites have been making waves lately. In Malaysia a schism seems to have appeared between this Muslim sect and Sunni, another sect.
The year 2014, I predict will be the most intense year where human kind seems to be more prone to a formalised ghetto mentality, and religion will definitely plays a role for further chaos to come.
2014 will be the year where Malaysians will fully entrenched their hatred for each other and destroy the country.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Non-Muslims can do it because they believe they can?!!!

We must prevent ourselves from being a failed society!

I am sick and tired of the federal and the state government giving ultimatums to Christians not to mock Islam.  It appears they do not give two hoots about Muslims.
On the flip side, hey the non-Malays or Christians in the country can do it because they can.  They do not only perceived but convinced there is no such thing as a Malay-Muslim unity.
In other words they are so pretty convinced Malay-Muslims unity is a farce and that they are so weak and corrupt and meek that yes to their minds they can do it, that is to mick Malays and Islam.

They are already convinced the Malay-Muslim unity is a fiction other wise ultimatums upon ultimatums, requests upon requests, have been made to the non-Muslims, not to irritate Muslims, but yet they push and push and still doing it.
Oh yes, the most Muslim groups can do is lodge a police report, or demonstrate where nobody really give a damn.
Malaysians of all race creeds and colours listen to former prime minister, Tun Mahathir, who said non-Muslims should stop irritating Muslims.  I must also add that one of the downsides of the Malay race is that they are also prone to the proverbial amok syndrome.
My advise to respective  governments to catch the bull by the horns and arrest and make an example on those who break the law.
Please stop making empty threats or to cry wolf, because if you keep on doing it no body will believe you are serious.  Arrest this belligerent Father Andrew who insist on disrespecting Islam and stick to the rule of law!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's 2014 let us unshackled our women and set them free!

Another emanciapted women's leader.

Mervat Tallaway..ex-diplomat and a fiesty Egyptian politician.
In spite of them being more than man in our country, women are still being taboo-ed into being reminded of their inferior status and station in life.
Women in Malaysia still walk behind their male husband, this is to me not Islam but male oriented culture that disallowed women to be of equal to man.
When you have a strong minded women like Rosmah Mansor, while respecting her status as a wife and a wife of the prime minster, she is exhibiting her emancipated status to the chagrin of conservative Malay males, be they in Umno, Pas, or Pakatan.
Malaysians male are used to women like those of previous PMs of  Malaysia, to be just an adornment and ornamental beings, but Rosmah has shown that women also have the same needs, urged, ideas and the brain to do and to move stuff,
I fact it was decided that women were a lot smarter than men. The insecurity of men has come to a low point to put down women by even inventing many phrases such as "penis envy" and many more to make women more insecure.
Malaysians prefer women like Wan Azizah, the wife of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim for her "buggerer or not he is my husband" stance. Hope she can come out of her mental and physical enslavement  and be a true person and to renounce her husband gross infidelity.
Well, finally some one in this world is speaking out and she is from Egypt and her name is Mervat Tallaway,  and BTW she is a good friend of Rosmah.

"Women are “the slaves of this age,” according to an Egyptian politician who took a stand against the country’s Muslim Brotherhood to back a UN declaration on violence against women.
Mervat Tallawy, who headed the Egyptian delegation at a United Nations conference that ended late Friday, said that despite the hard-fought declaration, secured after two weeks of tense negotiations, more help must be given to women in the Middle East." Read more here: