Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seriously, give him a break!

Najib and Obama sat on the same buggy for the entire 18 holes, when other world leaders can only dream

Much ado about nuthin...well  not really...flood is not trifle, but Prime Minister Najib Razak, did not leave the country to play golf in Hawaii with Obama knowing the flood is going to get worse.  No, he didn't.
He was already visiting the flood affected areas before he went on his holiday, a short holiday even a man in his position deserves.
But, when evil agen provocateur chauvinist Chinese DAP Lim Kit Siang spun the lies about Najib not caring about the country, Malaysians especially the Malays (including the eminent extra-ordinary group of 25) believe him.
DAP Lim Guan Eng was on holiday, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (using monies he squandered from the country when he was in power) with her white-gloved and fan in a hand battered and abused wife also went on holiday.
Here a piece of information.  Najib was invited by Barack Obama for a short meeting in Hawaii and later they played golf?! Nothing wrong with that. Najib, in case you morons are wondering, take his job with him even when he is on holidays.
Read more here....on Malaysia Today!

Air Asia Indonesia flight loses contact with ground crew over Java Sea.

Asia Asia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 with 162 people on board lost contact over Java Sea with ground crew.  The plane was flying from Surabaya to Singapore.  All that we can do is to pray for their safety. Read more here....

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone! Not just Christians...Everyone!

I have never one to subscribe to the notion that any festive season is exclusive to only a particular race or religion.  When I was growing up (happy) we wished  and celebrated every festive season to everyone. I am not about to change for anyone..Plus the fact that war is over!

Or is it! War should have been over a long time ago! Do we still want it!?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yes Tun Mahathir should take the back seat let Najib runs the country unimpeded...

With all due respect I am with a pronouncement made by a journalist Sholto Byrnes of South China Morning Post  that 85 years old Tun Mahathir Mohamad should just take the back seat and to allow the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, to run the country. Read here....
Unlike Mahathir, the most right to the right of the Umno political spectrum, Najib is accepted and well acknowledged as a pragmatic moderate.  The world leaders can easily bond with him, a man with no political hangups.
Unlike Mahathir who saw the the two world wars, Siamese invasion, Japanese invasion, British colonisation, and all the turbulent years that our country has ever experienced, Najib is a product  of the era of enlightment.  As opposed to Mahathir who sprung upfrom the age of darkness.
Bad enough the Najib had to deal with lies

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Err... Push comes to shove?...I don't think so!!

Its easy to crticise on the sideline but not that easy to steer a country inhabite by people with mental illness and dodgy private life!
I will be bold enough to say the members of Eminent person as suffering from mental illness! Go get treated!

I read with keen interest Helen Ang's blog about which will eventually rule the country after the next general ...Umno or DAP!?  I believe what she meant to say was....which race will rule the country after the next general elections? Malay or Chinese?!
Well, statistically it is nigh impossible for other than the ethnic Malays having the dominance over helming and running of the country since they are the majority.
The Malays have a saying that says "indah khabar dari rupa" losely translated the gloom and doom are actually much worse than the real scenario.
Its not all that bad but unless you  listen to bleeding heart liberals like Marina Mahathir, or recently the so-called Eminent 25, in reference to a group of stuffed-up Malays, Mamaks and some Indians, who became who they are today because of their association with the "Malay" government.
Apart from the occasional claptrap coming out of Marina Mahathir's mouth and from the self appointed Eminent 25, and may be from worn out and tired former finance minster.
The reclusive former finance minister who allegedly became rich because he used his position to amass fortune, and from a half-breed newspaper person who wants very much to be a Malay and who became what he is today if not for the government.
And and ex-newsmen who who became rich because Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim made them so.
Today, these bunch of old and slighted far right-wing Malay conservative people, who are out of touch with the stark reality, are saying the prime minister Najib Razak should step down.
For all intents and purposes these ingrates thought Najib can be easily bullied.
A good example is a crooked bridge to link Malaysia and Singapore that is not needed and yet Najib is "forced" to re-think about resurrecting this ridiculous plan, just so to not bruise an ego of a former prime minister.
And countless letters sent to Najib from former senior disgruntled cabinet ministers asking the prime minster to help with certain projects  and concession.
To all of these, Najib said "NO!"
(BTW no one is attacking a former prime minister for being a patron of a perceived racist organisation Perkasa.  I do not see the Star Won g Chun Wai condemning Mahathir for being associated with a racist org.)
When the perceived racist Perkasa deputy president, and Datuk Rashid attacked the prime minster asking Najib to step down the Star newspaper did not defend Najib and teh government the paper was as meek as a church mouse. Rashid was a former civil servant who got his pension, low interest loan from the government and possibly a piece of cheap land in a choicest area of the city.
Back to Eminent 25 I know most of them by reputation.  They love to be invited to embassy functions, and here they will impress their hosts with their perceived "impeccable" English. Some love their single malt and wine.  And most would wish to have live in New York or any western countries but not Malaysia . They are better referred to as Eminent Bleeding Heart Liberals 25 +.
I think, back to push comes to shove, the Malays know that Malaysia under a Chinese chauvinist rules is not to their best interest.
I implore to all of  you majority level minded Malays to give your support to Najib and Umno and BN.  You do know under the chauvinist Chinese rules all Malay rights and privileges will be snatched away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maarof Zakaria was my father's childhood friend.

Maarof Zakaria was murdered for being an ardent Malay nationalist and a gentleman, he was from Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan.

When I was very young my late father told us, my brothers and sisters, a story of a relative and a prominent lawyer, a Malay patriot Maarof Zakaria who was found hanged somewhere near Gombak.
The cause of death was "suicide".
My father said he was taken one morning by two British special branch agents and three Malay policemen and later he was found dead.
"I am very sure he was murdered," said my father. Read more on Maarof Zakaria here....
For the uninitiated, and especially those bleeding heart liberal Malays, Maarof was a London-trained lawyer and later a magistrate and a banker.  He hailed from Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan.  He and my father grew up together.  In fact they were related.
A committed Malay nationalist, and for his entire life until he the day he was murdered he championed and advocated for the Malay economic freedom. He had wanted to create a Malay bank so Malays can borrow money to do business. Several attempts were made on is life.  Many attempts to shoot him also failed.  My late father said any attempt to change the economic fate of the Malays would be met with hostile prevention.
The same goes with Maarof good friend the former cabinet minister Aziz Ishak who tried to take away the fertiliser production from ICI to be under the control of the Malays. For that he was sacked from the Tunku Abdul Rahman's cabinet and later persecuted and badly treated until the day he died. A road or street should also be named after him, like Jalan Maarof.
Unfortunately, in spite of many enlightened Malay nationalist like Maarof, Pak Sako, Mustapha Hussin, the Malays then and now are still disunited and easily manipulated, to a point now that they might be losing control of their political domination. Or eventually, if they are still disunited, they may even lose the country.
DBKL should also consider naming a street after Aziz Ishak and Mustapha Hussin, two strong Malay nationalist who had lived at a wrong time and may be even a wrong place.  My condolences to Mustapha Maarof and his family.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mental illness in Malaysia is a serious problem!

Mental illness is a kind of a serious malady that is not fully recognised and acknowledged by many especially the ruling authority.
What used to be a happy community and country Malaysia is now full of people with such problems and refusing to acknowledge and seeking treatment is a more serious problem.
If we make it a point to understand what is mental illness, afflicting millions of Malaysians, we can be rest assured to be on a right path of healthy living.  Read more here to understand...
Three major races in this beautiful and safe country  are clearly on a path to destruction if they do not, or rather refuse, to acknowledge there are people suffering seriously from all kinds of mental illness.
Those suffering are greatly from the Muslim, Christian, and Hindu communities and they have to find the cure before things get out of hands.
I am writing this without malice, and I am serious about us suffering from mental illness being translated into expressions of social and religious racism.
A conciliatory and peaceful path and formula must be found quickly for us to arrest further damage being inflicted on us Malaysians via serious ailment called Mental Illness.
We must begin with politicians to show us the way, devoid of any religious or racial overtones, to do it!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is misleading Malaysians again!

I have no problem over a christian cardinal or even a pope praying for peace at our mosque, but not that nasty evangelista"christian" Hannah Yeoh.  She, like BABI, will do it for her own selfish and dangerous political reasons

It was reported by a very bias online portal that Malay leaders or rather Umno leaders should emulate Turkey for inviting Pope Francis to pray at Istanbul Blue Mosque and a picture to that effect was also published.
Quoting Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), desperate BABI  tries to do again as is to paint the majority Malay Muslims and especially Umno members and leaders as Christian-hating racist.
To tell you the truth I am sick and tired of this little nasty man and his dirty tactics trying to run down the ruling party and the government by any means and tricks purely for his own benefit or agenda and first and foremost to prevent himself from going to jail.
Here are some facts:Contrary to a popular belief the  Muslim-majority Malaysia has never prevent any other religion from being practised or flourished in this beautiful country.
Muslim-Majority has never persecuted Christian or any other religion other than Islam.  If anyone of you disagree with me you must be suffering from some kind of a mental illness, which is prevalent in this country nowadays since the chauvinist Chinese from the DAP tasted blood by ruling Penang and Selangor.
In retrospect, Istanbul was once called Constantinople a Christendom city until it was sacked by the Ottoman and changed it to Istanbul.  The spoils of wars included the Great Orthodox Hagia Sofia, a Christian basilica.
He said Malaysia must emulate Turkey for inviting Pope Francis to pray at Istanbul's Blue Mosque read here.  In fact I have no problem for the Vatican reps to visit any mosque in KL to pray together with our musfi.
However, BABI forgets to mention that the Turk and the Vatican are never like the Malay and the Chinese especially the Christian Chinese.
In spite of their bloody history the Vatican and Istanbul have always been a good friend mutually respectful of each others strength.
Whereas in Malaysia the chauvinist Chinese and the Malays are always fighting to see who will eventually be on top controlling.
Imagine yourself a minority Muslim asserting itself in Chinese-majority Singapore by asking for more mosques to be built, or Muslim big European majority demanding to build a bigger mosque in every city in Christian-majority European country?!
BABI tries to mislead the non-Malays in this country that they are not being treating well religiously speaking.
If we fair-minded and rational Malaysians believe that Umno led government is a racist government than we seriously have no hope in hell be happy in Malaysia when all that we can ever think is to suppress others.  All that we have to do is to reject the real racist as a leader and he is none other than the racist BABI. 

ReadRrPKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) said while leaders of the Christian and Muslim worlds are beating a path to reach out to one another in peace and tolerance, Malaysian Muslim leaders in the just-concluded Umno general assembly are taking backward steps in relations with non-Muslims. - See more at:
PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) said while leaders of the Christian and Muslim worlds are beating a path to reach out to one another in peace and tolerance, Malaysian Muslim leaders in the just-concluded Umno general assembly are taking backward steps in relations with non-Muslims. - See more at:
PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) said while leaders of the Christian and Muslim worlds are beating a path to reach out to one another in peace and tolerance, Malaysian Muslim leaders in the just-concluded Umno general assembly are taking backward steps in relations with non-Muslims. - See more at: