Saturday, January 31, 2015

Canadian government is strenghtening its internal security act as we speak, under its new terror laws!!

Premier Harper of Canada announcing the new enhanced internal security act!

While many Malaysians are pathetically griping about how draconian our security laws are the Canadian government is strenghtening its war on terror and extremism by passing a new and more stringent internal security act to fight terror and extremism in its country.
The exsisting security laws will be further enhanced by the introduction of a new internal security act legislation for Canada, concocted in the name of common good.
I was hoping and wishing Malaysia will go about the same way as Canada in order to maintain order for the common good.  Below is an article that appeared in the Toronto Star.

The Conservative government introduced anti-terrorism legislation on Friday that would greatly increase powers for spies inside Canada.

Here are five things you should know:
1. The legislation would require building owners to let CSIS agents bug tenants’ rooms, if there’s a court order.
2.The legislation would create a new criminal offence: “advocating or promoting” terrorist activities. This refers to both online and offline activities. It would make it illegal to advocate attacks but not to praise them.
3.Airline boarding passes would be blocked for suspected terrorists. The retooled system would deny a boarding pass to anyone deemed to be a national security threat, even if there is no explicit plan to attack a plane.
4. Internet service providers would be required to take down websites featuring terrorist propaganda. This would require a court order and apply only to websites in Canada.
5.There would be an easier exchange of security-related information about passport holders. The new Security of Canada Information Sharing Act would allow officials to proactively share information with other security agencies.
Currently, privacy law can restrict the sharing of passport details. There are also legal barriers to passing along word of missing, possibly stolen shipments.   Read More Here..... and here!


Anonymous said...

If the Malaysian Government do this, we oppressed the citizens of their Human Rights and for other (especially) European countries, they are protecting their citizens. Well done Malaysian especially SUHAKAM, Ambiga and the Gangs !

thenewwizardofoz said...

Not so fast.

Has the Canadian government now, or in the past, used antiterrorism or internal security laws to target their political opponents or journalists?

Ditto for antiterrorism and internal security laws in the US, Australia, Britain or France?

In fact, the Canadian laws are targeting Islamic terrorism. Let's be frank about this.

So, don't be so quick to draw comparisons, when the realities are different.

Anonymous said...

Didnt the Canadian government under Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act and arrested many political opponents and even journalist during the infamous October Crisis?